DP-IR Infrared Methane Detector

Infrared Controlled Interference Polarisation Spectrometer detects 0-10,000 ppm Methane (CH4)

The Detecto Pak-Infrared (DP-IR™) uses a highly advanced optical technology capable of detecting methane gas utilizing the Infrared Controlled Interference Polarisation Spectrometry method. The DP-IR is the latest of a new generation of leak survey instruments that will greatly improve the productivity, cost and safety of walking and mobile surveys.

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The DP-IR functions by using an infrared optical gas detection system. This instrument is intended to replace the current surveying equipment using the traditional Flame Ionisation method with next generation technology utilising an infrared light beam, eliminating the need for expensive gas cylinders and refill systems. It is designed to be highly selective to detecting methane gas only, and will not false alarm on other hydrocarbon gases.

The DP-IR operates under a variety of field conditions including cold and hot temperatures. Its rugged design will stand up to normal field use and operating conditions.

The DP-IR has a built-in Self-test function that will verify the instrument is operating properly. Using the internal calibration cell, the operator performs the self-test as part of a daily start-up routine. While in operation, the DP-IR continuously monitors several internal parameters to ensure that it is functioning properly. Should any of these parameters go outside of operational limits, a constant audible alarm will sound and an ERROR icon will be displayed.

Detection Method: Infrared Controlled Interference Polarisation Spectrometer
Measurement Range: 0-10,000 PPM, 0-100% Gas

Auto Ranging:
PPM: 0-10,000 % Gas: 1-100%
Manual Ranging:
PPM scale: 0-10,000, % Gas: 0-100%
Sensitivity: 0-1000 PPM: 1 PPM
1000-10,000 PPM: 5 PPM
1-100%Gas: 0.5%
Accuracy: Greater of+/- .5% or +/-10% of reading (typical, std conditions) (%gas on manual mode)

Detection Alarms Modes: Digital Methane Detection (DMD):
Audible tone when detection threshold is exceeded.
Adjustable Alarm Level from 1 to 9000 PPM
Continuous audio tone relative to concentration
System Fault Warning: Audible tone and indication on the display
Self Test & Calibration: Built in Self Test and Calibration function verifies operation and adjusts calibration for maximum sensitivity. Test gas cell integrated within the instrument.

Compliance: EN 61326-1
Conducted Emissions Class B
Radiated Emissions Class B
ANSI C63.4 Class B
FCC 47 CFR Part 15 Class B
EN 61326-1
EN 61000-4-2 4kV/8kV
EN 61000-4-3 3 V/M

Dust filter: Replaceable filter provide dust protection. Easy change out quick disconnect filter cap.
Display: Large easy to read backlit LCD (.75” Numeric)
Operating Temperature: 0 to + 122 F (-17 to 50 C) (nominal battery voltage)
Humidity: 5 to 95 % RH, non-condensing
Enclosure: IP54 (Water splash and Dust resistant)
Instrument Weight: 5.6 lbs.
Carry Case: 13 lbs empty; 21lbs filled 24.5” x 21” x 9”

Power Supply: Internal rechargeable Li-ion battery or
External 12vdc car battery with optional power conditioner
Battery Operating Life: 8 hours at 32 F with out backlight on
Battery Charger: External, in-line, 110 – 240 VAC, 50 / 60 hertz. 10 hours to 90% charge
Shoulder Strap: Single over the shoulder padded strap
Speaker Volume: 108 dBs @ Alarm port (A-fast)

Survey Probe: Quick connect fitting with locking clasp. Adjustable length from 25” to 41”
Bar hole Probe: Std: 20”; Optional 36”
Intrinsic Safety: Class 1 Division 1 Group D T3
UL 913 MetLab #E112840

DP-IR Comes with Instrument, Carrying Strap, Battery Charger, Carrying Case, Hand and Shoulder Strap, DP-IR Instruction CD, Replacement filters, Survey Probe, and Bar hole Probe

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DP-IR Infrared Controlled Interference Polarisation Spectrometer



Weight 10 kg
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