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TE-5170-V Volumetric Flow Controlled (VFC) Air Sampler

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Meets new EPA Lower Lead (Pb)Standard of 0.5ug/m3

Volumetric Flow Controlled Total Suspended Particulate TSP High Volume Air Sampling System. Includes anodised aluminium shelter, 8" x 10" stainless steel filter holder with stagnation pressure tap, blower motor assembly, continuous/flow pressure recorder, elapsed time indicator, 30" manometer, volumetric flow controller with look up table,7 day timer. 110v/60 hz or 220 v/50hz

Inlet collection efficiency: Meets EPA Code of Federal Regulation, Appendix B to Part 50
Flow rate: 42 cfm – 45 cfm continuous
Filter media: Glass Fibre Filter 8" x 10" (TE-G653)
Flow control: Volumetric flow controller (TE-10557TSP)
Motor blower: 2-stage vacuum 1.0 HP 110v/60hz (TE-115923) 220v/50hz (TE-116111)
Flow Indicator: Continuous Flow/Pressure Recorder (TE-5009 w/TE-106)
Water Manometer 30" water manometer (TE-5030)
Timer: 7 day mechanical timer
Power Requirement Single phase with earth ground, 110v/60hz or 220v/50hz
Motor Specifications: 110v/60hz – Part #TE-115923 double ball bearing through-flow discharge 220v/50hz – Part #TE-11611 ball/sleeve bearing, through-flow discharge.

Altitude Application: to 10,000 feet above sea level
Ambient Temperature Application: -30 to + 50ºC
Relative Humidity Application: 0 - 100%

Sample Delay Start Range: 0 - 7 days
Start up amps: 20 amps
Running amps: 8 amps

Shipping Information (two cartons): Size: 45.5" x 22.5" x 20"/50lbs, 28 " x 21 " x 20"/30 lbs "
Assembled Space Requirement: 24" square x 53" high

Ordering Information:
TE-5170-V Volumetric Flow Controlled (VFC) Air Sampler (Available with Brush-less Motor)
Available with Brush-less Motor (Optional)
TE-5170V Anodized Aluminium Shelter with mounted 7- Day Mechanical Timer on door and Elapsed Time Indicator.
TE-5001-10 Gabled Roof
TE-5030 30” Water Manometer
TE-5070 VFC Blower Motor Assembly
TE-10557TSP Volumetric Flow Controller TSP
TE-5003V 8” x 10” VFC TSP Stainless Steel Filter Holder
TE-5005-9 Filter Holder Gasket

TE-106 4" Flow Recording Chart (24 hour period) (100 per box)
TE-115923 Motor for 110V Systems TSP and PM-10 for Volumetric Flow Controlled Systems
TE-116111 Motor for 220V System TSP and PM10 for Volumetric Flow Controlled Systems for 220V
TE-160 Recorder Pen Point, Red Ink each (6 per pack)
TE-3000 Filter Media Holder/Filter Paper Cartridge 8” x 10”
TE-33378 Brushes (Set of 2) for 220V Motor TE-116312 and TE-116111 for 220V
TE-33392 Brushes (set of 2) for 110V Motor TE-115923
TE-5005-4 Motor Cushion
TE-5005-9 Filter Holder Gasket (Between Filter and Blower Motor)
TE-5018 8" x 10" Gasket each (2 required)
TE-5028 Recommended for all TSP and PM 10 Systems. Variable Flow Calibration Orifice, NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate, Adapter Plate, Slack-Tube Manometer, Tubing and Carrying Case.
TE-G653 Glass Fibre Filter Media 8" x 10" for TSP (100 per box)