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PQ200 Ambient Fine Particulate Air Monitor

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The PQ200 is a microprocessor-controlled, volumetric flow rate air sampling instrument which enables any facility required to do so, the ability to obtain a valid PM2.5 :m air sample. In addition it offers the investigator the ability to perform their work in areas where no line power is available; this is accomplished via an internal battery and may be augmented with external batteries and solar power. Recovered data may be handled with a Windows software suite, included with the sampler. The instrument is manufactured entirely in the U.S. in an ISO 9001-certified facility.

PQ200 is convertible to designated PM10 reference sampler

The PQ200 is designed to meet exacting criteria for collecting 24-hour samples of ambient "Fine Particulate," according to the U.S. National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), published July 18, 1997.

The Very Sharp Cut Cyclone (VSCC) has replaced the WINS impactor and allows 30 days between cleaning intervals. Further details may be viewed on an individual page. Existing PQ200 samplers may be converted.

PM2.5 (particles less than 2.5 micrometers in aerodynamic diameter) is collected on 47 mm PTFE membrane media at a volumetric sample rate of 16.67 Lpm after being size discriminated through two U.S. EPA designed inertial separators. Ambient temperature and barometric pressure measurements are made at actual sample conditions. A microprocessor and sophisticated volumetric flow control system are integrated to maintain precise sampling parameters while sampling data are continuously logged into the processor memory. Five minute actual ambient temperature and pressure conditions with volumetric sample flow rate, filter temperature, and pressure are recorded. Measured values and identification of flags indicating any anomalies are recovered by the operator by downloading a sample summary to a laptop or handheld computer. EPA's audit program makes exclusive use of the PQ200A version of the sampler. This item is available to all authorities and individuals who wish to sample or audit under EPA stringent guidelines.

• First EPA PM2.5 sampler designated (Designation No. RFPS-0498-116)
• First sampler approved by EPA for use as a portable audit sampler (Designation No. RFPS-0498-116)
• First sampler approved by EPA as Equivalent using the VSCC (Designation No. EQPM-0202-142)
• Modified design approved for PM10 sampling (Designation No. RFPS-1298-125)
• Only designated reference sampler capable of a 24 hour run on internal batteries
• Manufactured in ISO 9001 registered facility
• Ordered by EPA under contract for reference samplers
• Only designated reference sampler with solar power augmentation
• Convertible to designated PM10 reference sampler

PM2.5 sampling to U.S. EPA specifications
Useful for daily, intermediate, or audit sampling
Meets or exceeds specifications for Federal Reference Method (FRM) per 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L
Easily reconfigurable for PM10 or TSP

Single channel design for maximum reliability and portability
Friendly operator interface and easy data collection and downloading
Includes built-in 12-volt DC battery power system charger (U.L. approved)
Advanced flow control system
Download software included

Ordering Information
PQVSCC FRM Ambient Fine Particulate Sampler, PM2.5, Complete with Very Sharp Cut Cyclone,Dual Voltage (120/240)

PQVSCCSP FRM Ambient Fine Particulate Sampler, PM2.5, Complete with Very Sharp Cut Cyclone, Dual Voltage (120/240)

PQAUDIT EPA FRM Audit version of PQ200

Consumables Options and Spare Parts
VPW12 Spare stage complete with carrying case
61652100 Type A/E Glass Fiber Filters, 37 mm, 100/pkg
FG03700F 37 mm, Fiberglass filters, 500/pk.
LZ0204650PMP PTFE, 2 micrometer, 46.2 mm, 50/pkg (for PM2.5 sampling)
F212 Filter cassette, 46.2 mm
F214 Cassette Transport Carrier (nickel-plated aluminum)
F215 Filter cassette with F214 Transport Carrier
DE1 Dust excluder accessory for filter cassette
L30 Flow rate measurement adapter
RD006 Gum rubber leak test membrane, packet of six
KT006 Gum rubber leak test membrane mounted in standard filter cassette, with five replacements
SSI2.5 PM10/2.5 Inlet
A1719 12 in. long down tube
PQTSP Universal PQ/TSP Sampling Inlet
X008 Inlet "O" ring kit (2 sets)
X009 Filter Ass'y (w/ WINS Impactor) "O" ring kit
(1 set-8 "O" rings)
X010 Extension tube "O" ring kit (2 sets of 2 "O" rings)
X011 WINS Cup "O" rings, pkg. of 6
X012 WINS "O" rings, pkg. of 6
SSI2.5C Kit for converting PM10 inlet to PM2.5/10 (flat plate to louvered design)
WE10 Kit for converting PM2.5 sampler to PM10
(WINS Eliminator)
PQ104 External or internal battery, 12 volts
EBC1 External battery cable for Marine battery
SP22 Solar panel, rigid, 32 watt, with cable -- to connect to battery (external) and stand
7524 3 mL transfer pipets, pkg. 10
CF2 Filter cassette for Type 2 EPA leak check (47 mm filter cassette with filter, membrane, carry container)
VPW30 Dow 704 silicone oil, 30 mL
VPW100 Dow 704 silicone oil, 100 mL
CO1 Cassette opener
X017 Pump Diaphragms
X014 Pump rebuild kit: valves, diaphragms, and "O" rings
X015 Advanced pump rebuild kit: valves, diaphragms, "O" rings and bearing
X016 Total pump rebuild kit: Valves, diaphragms, "O" rings, bearing and motor
A1689 Fan filter
CB1 Clock battery
PQMOTOR Motor for PQ Pump
PQ2 BattPCA Battery PCB
PUMP Pump Maintenance Manual (v.3 -- free download)
DC203SW Software for PDA as separate item
2411DC Dual Cassette for Speciation Sampling
X020 Filter Ass'y (w/ VSCC) "O" ring kit (1 set-13 "O" rings)