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FI 2000 FID Methane Detector

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The new FI2000 utilises flame ionisation to measure low concentrations of hydrocarbons. The FI2000 combines the dependability of flame ionization technology with a simple three-button operation providing an extremely cost effective, hand held portable gas detector. Its portability is perfect for areas such as closed landfills, methane gas seeps, and landfill gas extraction systems.

FI 2000 Flame Ionization Methane Detector provide accurate reading 0-2000ppm

At 3.5 lbs, the Heath FI 2000 is the lightest weight on the market today. The FI 2000 employs the latest in microprocessor technology to produce an instrument offering the user an accurate and reliable gas leak detector designed for “single-handed” use. A liquid crystal display (LCD) provides an instant indication of changing gas concentrations, low battery and flame-out. Push-button back-lighting, low fuel pressure gauge and adjustable probe provide operators with several unique features to increase their productivity.

The FI 2000 has dual sensitivity ranges of parts per million (PPM): 0-20 PPM for search mode and 21-800 PPM in the center mode with an approximate over-range of 2,000 PPM. .

The FI 2000 lights and relights automatically, maximizing operator safety and convenience. Additionally, the FI 2000 will alarm at flame-out, alerting the operator to a problem. Simultaneously, the instrument will relight itself. No other instrument has this feature.

Ranges: 0-20 PPM (SEARCH), 21-800 PPM (CENTER), 2,000 PPM over-range, full scale
Weight (total carried): 3.5 lbs / 1.6 kg

Response Time: 2.5 seconds
Fuel Capacity: 37 liters @ 1800 psi
Batteries: 4 AA alkaline; 1 week life
LCD Readout: 1 - 100 (20 divisions)
Alarms: Fully adjustable 2 ranges
Audio Alarm Level: 80 dB approx
Flame Out Indication: Display Flag & Audible
Sample Flow Rate: 200 cc/min
Drift: ± 4 % FSD/hour
Warm-up Time: 5 minutes
Fuel Type: 40% Hydrogen/60% Nitrogen
Control: Fuel Valve & Back-light Toggle
Adjustments: On/Off button Zero button
Maintenance: Clean or replace filters

The FI 2000 comes complete with instrument console, 2 lecture bottles (international shipment prohibitive), fuel transfiller, instruction manual, deluxe shipping/carry case, sampling probe, dust
filters, batteries and shoulder strap. A screw-in rubber cone can be used instead of the standard probe tip in snow, rain or heavy morning dew.

Certification: The FI2000 is not suitable for use in hazardous areas

Ordering Information:
FI 2000 Flame Ionization Gas Detector 0-2000ppm CH4

Parts and Consumables
Probe Tip Assembly: Screw in end piece with sintered end of line filter.
Lecture Bottle: Removable, refillable. Part No. 22175078
Transfillers: Attachment for refilling lecture bottles from a primary tank. Part No. 22182011
O Rings: Replacement between instrument and lecture bottle. Also, between lecture bottle and transfiller. Part No. 22110032
Replacement inside filter housing. Part No. 0114493
Dust Filters: Package of 100. Part No. 0110163 Package of 500.Part No. 0110683
Bump Test Kit: 100 PPM cylinder, regulator .05 LPM, 3 feet tygon tubing, calibration tube assembly, and carrying case. Part No. 22275210