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SB1000 Portable Gas Analyser

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ADC Single Gas Analysers - simple easy to use transportable or wall monut single gas infrared analysers.

The SB1000 portable is a self-contained portable analyser for a wide range of application. It can be provided in a number of variants covering a huge range of gases and ranges. The single beam infrared technology gives high selectivity and excellent sensitivity and repeatability - versatility unmatched by other units.

• Specially designed to meet customised demand
• Self contained gas analyser bench
• Huge range of gases unmatched by other analysers
• Highly reliable, proven design
• Single AC power supply/or battery operation
• Analogue output 0-10V
• Optional linearisation board with 4-20mA output
• Span and zero adjustments via external pot
• Highly reliable proven design
• Free from poisoning

The on-board electronics handle most of the work, leaving final calibration and display options open for ease of integration.

Sample gas arrangements can vary from simple filter and pump through to electrical switched multi-sample, zero and span gas. For operation, the bench requires a modest flow (dependant on cell size and required response time) of dust-free, dry sample gas. Complete with sample pump, power cable and manual.

Analogue (Low ranges)
CO2 / 0 - 2000, 0 - 5000ppm
CO2 / 0 - 1% 0 - 2% ppm
NH3 / All ranges
CH4 / 0 - 1%

Ordering Information:

SB1100 Digital analyser based on Spectrum OEM bench
Comes with Manual span and autozero controls, Single gas ranges, Carry case

SB-OP Analogue output: specify mA or 0-1V