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WM15 Refrigerating Cooler

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WM15 Refrigerating Cooler

The WM15 unit is an high efficiency system that grants a controlled refrigeration thanks to a temperature regulator of the cooling water. The temperature set up is operated by a thermostat that allows to maintain a constant temperature.

• Condensate quantification
• Condensate collection for the analysis of its soluble pollutants
• Sampling pump protection from liquids

WM15 is equipped with a sensor that allows to read emission temperature. Using the recirculating pump is possible to refrigerate the system an a thermal case (e.g. POLAR - PF 18006).

Ordering Information:
PF 18007-01 Refrigerating cooler mod. WM15

Accessories WM15
PF 18007/20 Peristaltic pump for the continue condensate discharge

Condensate Trap / Silica Gel
PR 17504/03 Glass graduated condenser Ø 80 mm with external coil
PR 18024 Glass graduated condenser with capacity of 500 cc
PR 18022 Glass graduated condenser with capacity of 1 litre
PF 20188 One-stage PVC condenser collector