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FROST Peltier Cell Cooling System

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FROST is built to contain 3 impingers and 2 adsorbing tubes - Water is not needed

The sampling line is completed by a Peltier cell system mod.FROST to avoid condensation. The Peltier cell cooling system grants suitable temperature during the sampling.

With FROST, the use of water is not needed.

The cooling system can store up to three impingers, of “A” type or VOCs model impingers. It is possible also to use different impingers but only with an external diameter equal or less than 36 mm. Thanks to the thermostat installed on the front panel of the instrument, it is possible to set up the cooling temperature and to verify from time to time the temperature reached. The Peltier cells system mod. FROST allows to obtain quickly the correct temperature and to maintain it longer.

Ordering Information:
PF 18005-00 Peltier cooling system mod. FROST

Accessories WM15
PF 18007/20 Peristaltic pump for the continue condensate discharge

Condensate Trap / Silica Gel
PR 17504/03 Glass graduated condenser Ø 80 mm with external coil
PR 18024 Glass graduated condenser with capacity of 500 cc
PR 18022 Glass graduated condenser with capacity of 1 litre
PF 20188 One-stage PVC condenser collector