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MGA3000 Multi-Gas Analyser

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The MGA3000 Multi-Gas Analyser has been specifically designed to meet the needs of organisations requiring cost effective and reliable single or multiple gas analysis solutions. The four technologies employed are all tried and tested to ensure the User experiences maximum reliability and accuracy. A two year, no quibble, return to base warranty is provided with an option of on-site cover if required. A choice of Service Agreements is available offering Users fixed price, time and materials or customized arrangements to suit requirements.

Single, dual, triple and 4 gas versions are available utilising one or more IRGA optical benches and/or chemical cells.

The MGA3000C Series Instrument is designed for bench or rack mounting and provides a measurement of gas concentration according to specific user requirements. Up to three gases can be analysed at any time. For those organisations requiring single gas analysis, but would like the option to upgrade at a later date, the MGA3000 is an ideal solution to protect initial investment.

Designed for use in hostile or friendly environments the MGA3000 maintains high levels of gas selectivity wherever installed. Most instruments incorporate IRGA benches that generate a signal proportional to the infrared absorption of the measured gas. Some instruments may include a chemical cell which reacts with the specific gas and which provides an electrical output in proportion to the reaction. Providing the gas concentration lies within the designed range of the instrument, the signal is periodically compared with reference gas (usually at zero and a convenient mid-span condition). Calibration is achieved manually via simple front panel controls or fully automatically within the software configuration.

Gas concentrations are indicated on a front display panel together with both analogue and digital signal outputs. Gas connections to and from the instrument are via suitable fittings on the rear panel. The gas flow is maintained via an internal sample pump.

Packed into a robust, attractive, compact 3U-rack mount enclosure to utilise minimal space. An optional bench case is available for non-rack mount installations.

The MGA3000's electrical supply can be with any voltage from 90-240V AC and 50/60Hz

Ordering Information:

MGA3000 Platform
MGA100 Complete 19” chassis including electronics, piping and power supply
MGA300 SB Optics All Gases Single gas, single beam IR optical unit
MGA300D Dual SB Optics All Gases Dual Gas, single beam IR optical unit (independent)
MGA200 GC Optics All Gases High Performance IR single gas filter correlation optics

MGA-PM Oxygen Paramagnetic Cell 0-10% (lowest range)
MGA-EC Oxygen Electrochemical Cell 0-25%
MGA-ZR Oxygen Zirconia Cell 0-100ppm to 0-20%
MGA-TE Toxic Electrochemical (All CITY 3 series)
MGA-H2O Ceramic Moisture Sensor 0-50ppm
MGA-TC Thermal Conductivity cell for binary mixtures inc Hydrogen

MGA-EPL Extended Path Length (MGA-EPL) GC ONLY
Optics Ranges
CO2 0-10ppm
CO 0-30ppm
CH4 0-50ppm
N2O 0-30ppm

MGA32-01 1st Optional range MSB/GC
MGA32-02 SB/GC(each)

Additional Options
MGA-PS Purity Supplement (software) Purity version option for all gases: extra range 90-100%

MGA-102 Bench Case
Cor-gas 1 Corrosive Gas Supplement per analyser
MGA32-03 Auto range change with analogue output selection
MGA-101 Dual sample gas inlet (switched) SB or GC
MGA-GP1 Additional Gas Paths (to max 4) SB or GC
MGA-IC Isolation/blocking cell SB or GC
MGA-IO Isolated analogue outputs 2 channels