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MGA3000 CS Combustion Analysis Systems

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The MGA3000-CS series utilises Non-dispersive infrared gas analysis, which is an established technique for the quantitative determination of gases and vapours possessing heteroatomic molecules. The method has the advantage of being continuous and selective, leaving the sample unaffected and offering a wide range of sensitivity. The sample is free from hysteresis and poisoning.

MGA3000 this is the latest variant in a standard system designed for the testing of domestic gas and other fuel fired appliances.

• Simultaneous measurement of CO/CO2
• Displayed ratio CO/CO2
• RS232 Interface
• User friendly controls
• Auto Zero
• Compact and Robust
• Low maintenance - 2 year warranty

The standard analysis ranges are 0-1000ppm carbon monoxide and 0-15% carbon dioxide. Other ranges are available on request, making the MGA3000-CS an extremely versatile solution.

In addition to the standard MGA3000-CS a Chemiluminescence analyser may also be fitted to measure nitrogen dioxide in the range 0-500ppm. This CLD70E analyser offers valuable service in any situation where the continuous monitoring of limiting values or quality inspection is required.

The MGA3000-CS comes complete with gas conditioning comprising 0.6 micron particulate filter and peristaltic pump to remove contaminates from the sample gas, and, a water shut off valve for safety. The analyser and gas conditioning are all housed in a cabinet that is fitted with wheels for mobility.

The MGA3000-CS offers versatility, accuracy and reliability that development engineers demand, whilst offering the best price performance ratio in the market.

Ordering Information:
MGA3000 CS Combustion System
MGA-CS1 MGA3000 Series Dual Gas Analyser; Carbon Monoxide 0-500 & Carbon Dioxide 0-2500ppm
Trolley enclosure: 600 x 800 x 1200mm
Gas conditioning unit complete with particulate filter, water trap and peristaltic drain.

CAL-Cyl Calibration Cylinder and regulator
ADC MGA-PM Oxygen (by paramagnetic cell)
ADC MGA-EC Oxygen (by electrochemical cell)
ADC PKE512 Peltier Cooler
NO/NOX measurement option: Contact Envco