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J2KN PRO EASY Emission Analyser

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The J2KN Pro EASY can be fitted with up to 6 gas sensors to measure O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2, and combustibles, along with gas temperature, ambient temperature, sensor temperature, stack draft & pressure, and internal flow. Calculations include CO2, efficiency, excess air, oxygen correction, and mass emission rates

ECOM Pro Easy for standard testing, tuning and maintenance of emission sources

With wireless remote control, the J2KN Pro EASY adds extra convenience and flexibility to a system that is already portable! The remote display shows all values at a glance with zoom display and plug-in memory up to 2 GB. The tactile keypad guides the operator through the various functions of the analyser and allows for complete operation of the analyser from the remote. The remote feature makes the J2KN Pro EASY an ideal emission analyser when combustion controls are located away from the flue test port on large combustion systems..

• Wireless Handheld Remote Display
• Up to 6 Electrochemical Sensors
• Sensor Options: O2, CO, CO High, NO, NO2, SO2 & Combustibles
• Data Logging with Memory Card USB Interface
• On-Board Printer
• 15ft Standard Sample Line*
• 1ft Inconel Probe (up to 1832F/1000C)*
• CO Purge Pump to Prevent Oversaturation
• Peltier Cooler Sample Conditioner and Peristaltic Pump for Automatic Moisture Removal
• Heated Sensor Block for Thermal Stability
• Digital Flow Meter Display
• Self Leak Check
• Flue Gas, Ambient, & Sensor Temperature Sensors
• Averaging Tests
• Mass Emission Calculations
• CO2, Efficiency, Losses, Excess Air, & O2 Correction Calculations
*Other lengths available. Please ask an ECOM sales associate for details.

• Bluetooth Link
• DAS Compliance Testing Software
• Calibration Gas Kit
• Heated Sample Line (15ft & 30ft in stock, custom lengths available)
• Stack Flow Velocity Probe
• Soot Test Probe
• 1ft Flex Tip Probe

Do your NOx levels exceed 500ppm? No? Then ask about the J2KN Pro EASY Low NOx version.

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J2KN Pro Easy
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