Vaisala CO2, Temperature and Humidity Transmitter Series GMW90

For Green Building Projects

The wall-mounted Vaisala GMW90 Series CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide, Temperature and Humidity Transmitters are especially suited for green building projects and demand controlled ventilation. The devices measure carbon dioxide and temperature and have an option for an additional humidity measurement. The instruments come with a calibration certificate that meets traceability and compliance requirements. Traceability is easily maintained with field-exchangeable intelligent measurement modules. The transmitter can be blended into the interior design of the space where it is installed using the optional decorative cover.

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  • Measured parameters: carbon dioxide, temperature, and humidity (optional)
  • Superior long-term stability with the next generation Vaisala CARBOCAP sensor
  • Accurate temperature and humidity measurements due to the low-power microglow infrared source
  • Quick and easy installation and maintenance
  • Calibrated, user-exchangeable measurement modules
  • 3-point traceable CO2 calibration (certification included)
  • Both analog and digital communication (BACnet/Modbus)
  • Optional decorative cover blends the transmitter into your interior design

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