Vaisala CO2, Humidity and Temperature Transmitter Series GMW80

For Monitoring Indoor Air Quality

Measuring CO2 is the most economical way to monitor both indoor air quality (IAQ) and human presence with one sensor. Inadequate ventilation results in elevated CO2 levels, causing drowsiness and decreased productivity. Good indoor air quality can be achieved based on occupancy levels. Energy is saved by minimizing the use of unconditioned outside air.

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For accurate and stable HVAC measurements, the wall-mounted Vaisala CARBOCAP® Carbon Dioxide and Temperature Transmitter Series GMW80 provides the best stability and reliability on the market, up to 15 years. These indoor air quality sensors designed for standard, demand-controlled ventilation applications. The GMW80 is ideal for buildings occupied 24/7.

The CO2 measurement of the GMW80 series is based on a second-generation CARBOCAP® sensor, which uses a novel, microglow light source instead of an incandescent light bulb for a longer trouble-free lifetime. The internal reference in the CO2 sensor guarantees the best stability and operation also in constantly occupied buildings without frequent readjustments. The CARBOCAP® sensors give correct CO2 measurements immediately when powered on as they have a built-in reference measurement. Proper operation can be verified immediately after snapping on the device cover.

  • Cost-efficient, affordable
  • Reliable and maintenance-free operation for up to 15 years
  • Superior stability due to 2nd generation proprietary CARBOCAP technology
  • Improved accuracy due to low self-heating of microglow light source
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • The internal reference in the CO2 sensor guarantees the best stability and operation even in buildings occupied 24/7
  • Ideal for demand-controlled ventilation

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