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AQM 60 Outdoor Air Quality Monitor

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AQM 60 Ambient Air Quality Monitors fill the gap between full reference monitoring stations and simple diffusion samplers. Typical applications include traffic or roadside monitoring, urban air quality measurement and fenceline monitoring of air pollution sources. Aeroqual utilises proprietary Analytic GSS Technology to provide high performance within a flexible cost effective package.

The New Benchmark for Cost Effective Air Quality Monitoring



• Analytic GSS Technology
• Multiple gas sensors (up to six)
• Temperature and humidity sensors
• Rapid real-time data sampling (2-minute)
• Large data storage capacity (>15 years)
• RS 232 with PC data logging software
• Zero and span calibration facility
• Remote diagnostics capabilities
• Weatherproof and compact enclosures
• Thermal management system
• Particulate monitor (PM2.5 or PM10)
• Wind speed and direction anemometer
• Noise and meteorological sensors
• Modem (RF, GSM, GPRS, UMTS) or Ethernet (LAN, WLAN) communication

AQM 60 monitors are discreet, highly compact, and deliver precise measurement data for a wide range of ambient pollutants including O3, NO2, CO, SO2, CO2, VOC, plus PM10 and environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, noise and other meteorological sensors. Data is stored internally and is also available in real-time via GSM modem, low power radio, Ethernet and other communication options.

o Urban air quality monitoring
o Roadside and tunnel monitoring
o Fenceline and point source monitoring
o Trend analysis and hotspot screening
o Substitution of manual sampler networks
o Commercial indoor air quality monitoring

Gas Modules
Ozone * 0 - 150 ppb LDL 1 ppb
Nitrogen dioxide 0 - 200 ppb LDL 1 ppb
Carbon monoxide 0 - 25 ppm LDL 0.1 ppm
Sulphur dioxide 0 - 10 ppm LDL 0.2 ppm
Non-methane hydrocarbon 0 - 25 ppm LDL 0.1 ppm
Volatile Organic Compounds 0 - 25 ppm
VOC (PID) 0 - 20 ppm LDL 10 ppb
Hydrogen sulphide 0 - 10 ppm LDL 10 ppb
Carbon dioxide (NDIR) 0 - 2000 ppm LDL 6
* Also available in 0 - 500 ppb

Other Sensor Options

Particle Monitor Module
Forward light scatter nephelometer
Range 0 - 2000 µg/m3
Lowest Detection 1 µg/m3
Accuracy 8% NIOSH 0600
Precision 3 µg/m3
Sharp Cut Points Power PM1 | PM2.5 | PM10 5.2 W

Anemometer Module
Wind Speed 0-160 Km/h
Wind Direction 0-360°
Accuracy ±3% WS | ±3°
Sonic or mechanical combination

Temperature & Humidity Module
Temperature -20°C to +100°C
Humidity 0-100% RH
Accuracy @ 25°C ±0.3°C | ±2% RH

Maintenance Checks Routine 3 | 6 | 12 months (site dependent)
Environment Operating Range 10°C to 25°C (standard) -20°C to 45°C (with heater | cooler) 10 to 90% RH (non condensing)
Standard Enclosure Fibre reinforced polycarbonate; IP66 515H x 415W x 230D (mm) (size subject to configuration)
Enclosure Options
Insulated roadside boxes
Mounting accessories
Metal enclosures

Weight 15-25 Kg (subject to configuration)
Power Requirements 12VDC (power subject to configuration)
AC power module 100 - 250 VAC

Communications Options
GSM modem | RF modem | Ethernet LAN

Approvals Electrical Safety and Conformity
CE; UL E215312 Gas Sensors EN50082-1:1997; EN50081-1:1992 Part 15 FCC Rules; IPCA 610D Class2 Particle Monitor Class 1 laser; IEC 60825-1:1998 GSM Modem CE 0681; Group 3 FAX support Class 1/2

Control Module
Data Storage 1 GB
Sampling Rate 2-255 min.
Communication RS 232
Display 4 x 20

Gas Treatment Module
Sampling Pump Diaphragm
Sampling Train SS | PTFE
Zero Air Scrubber
Zero Calibration Span Calibration Auto or manual

Thermal Management System
Cooler Thermoelectric
Heater Yes

Ordering Information
IQM 60 Indoor Air Quality Monitor
Please detail gas or gases required or application information