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Inclined Liquid Column Manometer MT Series

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The KX range of inclined liquid column manometers, developed and manufactured by KIMO, measure slight variations in pressure, depression or differential pressure of air or gas.

They are for use in the following applications : treatment of air, ventilation, air conditioning, heating, dust elimination, etc.

• Scale with centred zero.
• Possibility for measuring positive and negative pressures.
• Zero adjusting by moving the slide strip.
• Integrated spirit level for adjusting horizontality.
• Comes with a white PVC support, 2 screws and 2 rawlplugs, two 487 connectors and a bottle of AWS 10 liquid.

Measurement range : 20-0-20, 25-0-25, 30-0-30, 40-0-40, 50-0-50 mmCE


Recommended range of use : +5 to 30°C.
Possible range of use : -30 to 60°C.
Maximum static pressure : 6 bars.
Manometer body : transparent 15 mm thick Altuglas.
Liquid column : entirely bored in the solid block, Ø 4mm.
Graduated slide strip : transparent Altuglas. Cross-section 20 x 2 mm.
Zero adjustment by moving the graduated slide strip, travel 12 mm. Fixed in place via milled, nickel-plated brass screw.
Horizontal positioning via integrated spirit level and milled, nickel-plated brass adjusting screw, vertical travel 12 mm.
Manometric liquid : AWS 10 red oil, density 0.87 at 15°C.
Reservoir capacity : 20 ml.
Connection : Ø 5x8 mm semi-rigit crystal tube, on Ø 6.2 mm ribbed, nickel-plated brass connectors, 1/8 gas thread.
Wall-mounted with or without white PVC support.

Ordering Information:
KX models
AWS 10 red manometer liquid, density = 0,87
KX 202 20-0-20 mm CE
KX 205 25-0-25 mm CE
KX 303 30-0-30 mm CE
KX 404 40-0-40 mm CE
KX 505 50-0-50 mm CE

AWS 10 Red manometer liquid, Density = 0,87”
Ref. Model
10,515 125 ml
10,050 250 ml
10,051 500 ml
10,046 1000 ml