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Electric Contact Pressure Controllers

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KIMO has designed and manufactured the ECM electric contact pressure controller to combine the inherent reliability and accuracy of the liquid column manometer with electronic switching. The KIMO ECM electric contact pressure controllers excel where it is necessary to monitor small variations in low pressures of air or gas and where accurate and reliable monitoring is essential.

ECM operating principle gives unrivalled performance when compared to traditional pressure controllers.

TThe ECM can be fitted to a vertical or inclined manometer. The photo electric sensor is connected to a PCB by an optical fibre. When energised the PCB generates an infra-red ray which travels along the optic fibre and through the manometers liquid column. The PCB senses when the liquid column breaks the infra-red ray and operates the switch either making or breaking the contact depending on how it is set.

The ECM is widely used in pharmaceutical laboratories, clean rooms and other area’s where good performance is essential.

Technical data:

• Inclined version in mmCE : 8-0-8, 20-0-20, 0-10, 0-20, 0-40, 0-60

• Vertical version in mmCE : 0-100, 0-150, 0-200, 0-300 Positive, negative and differential pressure measurement, with the option of 1, 2 or multiple electric contacts on the same scale.

• Electric contacts from 0,5 mmH2O (5 Pa).

• Delay adjustable from 0 to 45 seconds.

• Contact rating : 3A at 230 V. - 50 Hz.

• Operation of the contact on rising or falling pressure, by using the inverter function.

• Simple pressure setting by cursor on graduated scale.

• Max. static pressure of 6 bar, when used on differential pressure.

• Pressure and switching points continuously displayed.

• Switch position indicated by LED.

Ordering Information:

Delivered empty in cardboard packing with appropriate manometer liquid, 2 screws, fixing bolts and operations for use.

ECM 88 mm H2O 8-0-8 8 mm
ECM 22 mm H2O 20-0-20
ECM 10 mm H2O 0-10
ECM 20 mm H2O 0-20
ECM 40 mm H2O 0-40
ECM 60 mm H2O 0-60

ECM 100 mm H2O 0-100
ECM 150 mm H2O 0-150
ECM 200 mm H2O 0-200