AMI310 Multifunction

KIMO AMI310 Portable Air Measurement

AMI 310 can measure, store up to 12,000 values and restore on PC (wireless communication) up to 6 parameters alternately. Pressure, temperature (RTD, thermocouple, NTC), humidity, air quality (CO/CO2), air velocity and airflow (vanes or hotwire), tachometry. For visual comfort, AMI has a large coloured display (with bar graph) and easy browsing is done thanks to its joystick on keypad.

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# User-friendly multifunction
# Evolutive and accurate
# Large coloured graphic display
# Wireless and SMART+ probes
# Storage up to 12,000 measurement points
# Protective cover with probe notch

AMI can be equipped with wireless probes (Radio frequency) supplied with a multifunctional key allowing measurement and settings. It can also be equipped with interchangeable measurement modules which are individually calibrated and are automatically recognised by the instrument thanks to the Smart-plus system. These measurement modules are available for pressure, thermocouple temperature (4 channels), climatic conditions (hygrometry, air pressure and temperature) and current/voltage parameters.

For example, AMI can be equipped with several pressure measurement modules with different measuring ranges. This new system allows evolution according to measurements that must be carried out.

Based on the same principle, all probes have the Smart-plus system and are therefore automatically recognised by the instrument. Probes are available with adjusting or calibration certificate.*

A large choice of probes allows a step-by-step evolution of the instrument according to your needs : vanes Ø 14 mm, 70 mm and 100 mm, high resistance goose-neck–shaped hotwire, CO/.CO2, multifunction, high temperature hygrometry, RTD probes, thermocouple, etc.

* except thermocouple probes

AMI310 Datasheet

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