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Methane (CH4) Calibration Gas

If you cannot find the part number in the documentation please provide detail. Specific to this item, it could include part number or application detail, (ex. 20 meters of cable, or 20 litres of volume)

Methane calibration gas available in a range of concentrations including 100, 1000, 10000 ppm & 50% LEL (2.5% volume), 15% volume

We offer a complete line of calibration gas, carrying cases and equipment for safety, industrial hygiene, and instrument maintenance personnel.

MSDS & Certificates of Analysis
We have a MSDS for all of the blends that we sell. We use the MSDS library of Airgas, the supplier of our primary 1% NIST traceable gas standards. We also generate a Certificate of Analysis for each cylinder or frequently the CofA will cover a group of cylinders.

Methane Packaged in Steel Cylinders


Capacity: 103 Litres (3.6 Ft3)
Maximum Pressure: 1000 psig
Material of Construction: Steel
Dimensions: 3¼” Dia x 13½” Length
DOT Specification: 39NRC
Thread Connection: CGA C10: 5/8”-18
Required Regulators: CGA C10 Series

Product Shelf Life
• Reactive gases and blends containing at least one reactive gas – 12 months or less. (See Shelf Life Chart for exceptions)
• Non-reactive gases and blends of exclusively non-reactive gases – 36 months.
• Our labels reflect the certification date of the product.

Part Numbering System
We utilise a hybrid smart number – the part number reveals important details about the product.
1. The first two characters (AA) define the calibration gas: “01” = Ammonia
2. The next three characters (BBB) are sequential and define the concentration.
3. The next character (C) defines the balance gas: “A” = Air, “N” = Nitrogen (N2)
4. The next characters (DDDD) define the cylinder size and material of construction: “103S” = 103 litre steel

Ordering Information:
You must specify size and balance gas (A = Air, N = Nitrogen)
Methane (CH4)
40-002-(B)-(C) 10 ppm
40-001-(B)-(C) 50 ppm
40-004-(B)-(C) 100 ppm
40-005-(B)-(C) 200 ppm
40-007-(B)-(C) 500 ppm
40-003-(B)-(C) 1000 ppm
40-009-(B)-(C) 2000 ppm
40-012-(B)-(C) 5000 ppm
40-008-(B)-(C) 10000 ppm

Regulators for Non-Reactive Gases
RCGA600BNPxxx CGA 600 Series - Fixed Flow Rate
RCGA600BNPDFR CGA 600 Series - Demand Flow Rate
RCGA165BNPxxx CGA 165 Series - Fixed Flow Rate
RCGA165BNPDFR CGA 165 Series - Demand Flow Rate
RCGAC10BNPxxx CGA C10 Series - Fixed Flow Rate
RCGAC10BNPSFR CGA C10 Series - Selectable Flow Rate
RCGAC10BNPDFR CGA C10 Series - Demand Flow Rate
RCGAC10TRGxxx CGA C10 Series - Trigger Spray