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Isobutylene Calibration Gas

Isobutylene calibraton gas available now!

MSDS & Certificates of Analysis
We have a MSDS for all of the blends that we sell. We use the MSDS library of Airgas, the supplier of our primary 1% NIST traceable gas standards. We also generate a Certificate of Analysis for each cylinder or frequently the CofA will cover a group of cylinders.

Isobutylene Packaged in Steel Cylinder


Capacity: 103 Litres (3.6 Ft3)
Maximum Pressure: 1000 psig
Material of Construction: Steel
Dimensions: 3¼” Dia x 13½” Length
DOT Specification: 39NRC
Thread Connection: CGA C10: 5/8”-18
Required Regulators: CGA C10 Series

Product Shelf Life
• Reactive gases and blends containing at least one reactive gas – 12 months or less. (See Shelf Life Chart for exceptions)
• Non-reactive gases and blends of exclusively non-reactive gases – 36 months.
• Our labels reflect the certification date of the product.

Part Numbering System
We utilise a hybrid smart number – the part number reveals important details about the product.
1. The first two characters (AA) define the calibration gas: “01” = Ammonia
2. The next three characters (BBB) are sequential and define the concentration.
3. The next character (C) defines the balance gas: “A” = Air, “N” = Nitrogen (N2)
4. The next characters (DDDD) define the cylinder size and material of construction:
o “103S” = 103 litre steel

Ordering Information:

Regulators for Non-Reactive Gases
RCGA600BNPxxx CGA 600 Series - Fixed Flow Rate
RCGA600BNPDFR CGA 600 Series - Demand Flow Rate
RCGA165BNPxxx CGA 165 Series - Fixed Flow Rate
RCGA165BNPDFR CGA 165 Series - Demand Flow Rate
RCGAC10BNPxxx CGA C10 Series - Fixed Flow Rate
RCGAC10BNPSFR CGA C10 Series - Selectable Flow Rate
RCGAC10BNPDFR CGA C10 Series - Demand Flow Rate
RCGAC10TRGxxx CGA C10 Series - Trigger Spray