Calgaz Calibration Gases

Calibration Gases

Calgaz is the recognised global leader for calibration gas mixtures and related equipment. Our unique production methods and dedication to quality, combined with unparalleled service and support, have defined Calgaz as the standard for calibration. Wherever you are, whatever your application, you know you can rely on Calgaz.

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G13054 8% O2/N2
G13062 12% O2/N2

Carbon Monoxide
G13059 200ppm CO/Air
G13040 25ppm CO/Air
G13034 50ppm CO/N2
G13040 25ppm CO/Air
G13029 250ppm CO/Air
G13017 100ppm CO/Air
G13013 20ppm CO/Air

Carbon Dioxide
G13063 2% CO2/Air
G13061 0.25% CO2/N2
G13060 10% CO2/Air
G13051 15% C02/N2
G13066 5% CO2/N2
G13005 0.1% CO2/Air

Methane and Methane Blends
G13067 40ppm H2S/100ppm CO/2.5% CH4/15% O2/N2
G13050 50% CH4/N2
G13035 1% CH4/Air
G13046 1.5% CH4/Air
G13022 50ppm CO/2.5% CH4/Air
G13019 100ppm CO/2.5% CH4/21% O2/N2
G13011 50ppm CO/2.5% CH4/18% O2/N2
G13014 50ppm CO/2.5% CH4/12% O2/N2
G13004 2.5% CH4/Air
G13065 50PPM CH4/AIR
G13012 2% CH4/Air
G13001 200ppm CO/2.5% CH4/18.5% O2/N2
G13018 100ppm CH4/Air
G13058 25ppm H2S/50ppm CO/2.5% CH4/Air
G13044 25ppmH2S/100ppmCO/2.5% CH4/18% O2/N2

Volatile Gas Blends
G13056 1.35% Ethylene/Air
G13039 100ppm Iso-Butylene/Air
G13038 0.35% Pentane / Air
G13009 1.1% propane/Air
G13002 0.75% pentane/Air

Zero Air or inertgas
G13003 Zero Air
G13006 UHP Nitrogen
G13016 CP Grade Argon

Toxic and other Blends
G13007 10ppm CL2/N2
G13008 10ppm SO2/N2
G13015 10ppm NO2/Air
G13020 25ppm H2S/N2
G13021 10ppm H2S/N2G13023 50ppm H2S/N2
G13024 25ppm H2S/Air
G13025 5ppm SO2/N2
G13027 2ppm CL2/N2
G13028 5ppm CL2/N2
G13030 5ppm NO2/Air
G13031 2% H2/Air
G13032 25ppm NO2/Air
G13033 5ppm NO2/N2
G13041 50ppm NH3/N2
G13042 Sulphur Hexafluride 99.8%
G13043 10ppm HCL/N2
G13045 10ppm HCN/N2G13047 25ppm NH3/N2
G13049 10ppm NO/N2
G13055 25ppm H2S/100ppm CO/0.35% Pentane/19% O2/N2
G13057 100 PPM NH3 / N2
G13064 5PPM PH3/N2

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