OS1p Chlorophyll Fluorometer

Opti Sciences OS1p Workhorse field fluorometer

The OS1p is a highly portable and cost effective modulated chlorophyll fluorometer ideal for fast measurements and stress evaluation. Designed for light adapted yield and ETR measurements as well as dark adapted Fv/Fm plant stress measurement. When there is a great deal of field work to be done, this comprehensive yet portable workhorse is an excellent choice.

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Chlorophyll fluorescence is the method of choice for measuring most types of plant stress and monitoring plant health. The reasons for this are simple. Fluorometers are truly field portable, stress measurements only take a couple of seconds, and instrumentation is very cost effective.

An up to date compilation of papers related to plant stress measurement is available from Opti-Sciences free of charge. The compilation lists the value and limitations of the technology.

Replacing the popular OS1-FL, the OS1p represents the next generation. This research grade instrument offers a number of new enhancements including: A color graphic touch screen for simple operation, a USB port, MMC/SD data card for file transfer and storage, and additional measuring protocols for added flexibility.

• Great for detecting stress causing agents that affect photosystem PSII.
• The OS1p provides direct readout of FV/Fm, Fm, and Fo, as well as Yield (or ΔF/Fm’), Fs(or F), Fms (or Fm’) the most used, and most robust stress measurement parameters.
• Both PAR and leaf temperature measurements are possible as well with the Optional digital Par Clip.
• Flexible fiberoptic probe allows greater measurement flexibility.
• Almost an ulimited number of measurements can be stored on the OS1p’s large internal memory and its removable SD memory storage modules. Data transfer and software updates are easily handled with its built-in USB interface.

In addition, OSI has developed an innovative PAR clip for use with the OS1p that exceeds previous industry designs. The OSI PAR Clip includes a cosine corrected PAR sensor that is located to provide measurement of ambient light irradiation or internal actinic LED irradiation. Calibrations are made for sensor location and light source type. It also includes a solid state thermistor for more sensitive and reliable leaf temperature readings.

The mechanical design of the PAR Clip is also unique. This PAR clip is designed for one handed operation and it will not open at inappropriate times.

Opti-Sciences line of Chlorophyll Fluorometers are superb for field work, lab work, and even teaching. Instruments are available to meet most needs and budgets.

Excitation Sources: Saturation pulse LED with 690 nm short pass filter. 11,000 uE
Modulated light 660 nm LED with 690 nm short pass filter.
Actinic light source: LED to 3000 uE
Detection method: Pulse modulation method.
Detector & Filters: A PIN photodiode with a 700 ~ 750 nm bandpass filter.
Sampling Rate: Auto-switching from 10 to 10,000 points per second, depending on phase of test.
Test Duration: Adjustable from 2 second to 16 hours.
Storage Capacity: 1 Gigabyte of non-volatile flash memory
Digital Output: USB, SD/MMC data card, and RS232.

Ordering Information:
OS1p: Full Feature Hand-held, modulated chlorophyll fluorometer

Includes: 5 Dark Adaption Cuvettes (FL-DC), 1 Open Body Cuvette (FL-OBC), 12V NIMH rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger, Carrying Case, Trifurcated Fiber, PC Data Capture Software, and owners manual.


Weight 8 kg
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