LCpro-T Automated Photosynthesis Measurement

Field portable, laboratory grade instrument that offers highly automated photosynthesis measurement with micro-climate control, RGBW light source and a battery charge that lasts all day.

The LCpro T chamber handle houses an expertly crafted, miniaturised IRGA. Gold-plated by hand, the IRGA provides accurate, fast and stable gas exchange performance. By housing the IRGA directly within the chamber handle, they minimised any possible response delays in either gas exchange measurements or environmental controls. In addition, this configuration reduces gas “hang-up” or water vapour “drop-out”, which is known to occur in long lengths of gas tubing.

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The LCpro T IRGA carries out an automatic zero within the standard operational cycle, ensuring long-term measurement stability. All CO2 measurements are automatically corrected for atmospheric pressure, temperature and the effects of water vapor. ADC’s novel “differential in time” IRGA design removes the need to constantly balance dual IRGA systems to prevent calibration of the two cells drifting apart over time.

To provide full photosynthesis data, the LCpro T plant leaf chamber encloses several environmental sensors. Two highly accurate, lasertrimmed humidity sensors provide exceptionally reliable transpiration data. High caliber sensors also measure Photosynthetically Active Radiation (PAR) and chamber temperature. The LCpro T offers a choice of accurate, leaf temperature determination methods. An innovative, self-positioning thermistor is provided as standard in many chambers. Alternatively, a manual placement sensor can be employed, or the proven Energy Balance Equation can be used with any chamber.



The New LCpro-T, with microclimate control, combines many of the advantages of the existing LCpro-SD with improvements from the latest available science and technology.

  • The LCpro-T reduces or eliminates instrument babysitting while providing new capability.
  • Development of powerful RGB LEDs allows researchers to approximate solar spectrums at different times of day, or approximate other actinic light spectrums, providing more reliable A/Q curves and A/Ci curves.
  • GPS location information with every measurement.
  • Color touch screen menu driven adjustment capability.

Advantages of the LCpro SD that still exist on the new LCpro T

  • Auto-zeroing Infrared gas analyzer for calibration of every measurement and +/-1 μmole CO2 measurement reliability
  • Laser trimmed H20 sensors for +/- 1 millimole accuracy without drift, and less instrument babysitting.
  • Humidity control that allows chamber adjustment, not only below ambient but also the unique capability to provide humidity  above ambient and near ambient to reduce instrument babysitting and help prevent leaves from becoming inactive under clamp.
  • Battery charge life of 8-16 hours.
  • Light weight for more enjoyable field work.
  • USB & SD card data transfer up to 32 GB



Measurement range and technique:


  • 0-3000 ppm, 1 ppm resolution.
  • Infrared gas analysis, differential open system, auto zero, automatic atmospheric pressure and temperature compensation.


  • 0-75 mbar, 0.1 mbar resolution.
  • Two laser trimmed, fast response water vapor sensors.


  • 0-3000 μmols /m2 /sec.
  • Silicon photocell.

Chamber temperature: -5 to 50 degrees C. Precision thermistor  +/- 0.2 oC accuracy.

Direct Leaf temperature:

  • -5 to 50 degrees C.
  • Self positioning microchip thermistor/Energy balance/ manually positioned thermistor.

Flow rate to Leaf Chamber: 100 to 500 ml/min.


Automatic environmental control:

Programming: Internal LCpro T menu driven software. Automatic and independent control of environmental conditions within the leaf chamber. For automatic response curves, sequential control levels and dwell times may be set.

CO2: Up to 2000 ppm CO2, by integral elevated CO2 supply system.

H2O: Above and below ambient (dependent on ambient conditions), by on-board self-indicating conditioning chemicals.

Temperature: Micro-peltier element. All chambers automatically regulated +15oC, -10oC from ambient..

PAR: Up to 2000 μmols/m2 /sec mixed RGB LED array, or up to 2,500 μmols/m2 /sec by white LED array.

Warm up time: 5 minutes @ 20 oC.

Display: Color WQVGA touch sensitive LCD.

Recorded data: Removable SD cards. Compatible with card size up to 32GB.

Battery: 7.5Ah 12V Lithium-ion battery. Up to 16 hours between charges.

Battery charger: Universal input Voltage, fixed output.


Electrical Outputs:

USB connection:

  • Mini-B.
  • Functions as a mass storage device.

RS232 output:

  • 9 Pin “D” type.
  • User-selectable rates of up to 230,400 BAUD for computer or printer connection.

Operating temperature range: 5 to 45 oC.

Dimensions H x W x D:

  • Console: 230 x 110 x 170 mm.
  • Plant Leaf Chamber: 300 x 80 x 75 mm.


  • Console:  4.1kg.
  • Plant leaf chamber: 0.8kg.


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