The CCM-300 uses a proven fluorescence ratio technique for chlorophyll content measurement at an affordable price.

The CCM-300 chlorophyll content meter uses a fluorescence excitation wavelength with a peak at 460 nm and a half band width of 15 nm. It measures two different emission wavelength ranges at the same time, 730 nm to 740 nm, and 698 nm to 708nm. The instrument also provides two different read-outs. One is the F735nm / F700 ratio, and the other is a direct readout of relative chlorophyll content. The option also exists for changing some of the relative chlorophyll content formula parameters in case a researcher should want to modify the formula for an unknown non-conforming plant species.

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This system works when other systems will not work. With this technology, chlorophyll content can now be measured from germination through maturity. This non-destructive technique provides reliable results regardless of leaf size, thickness or shape.

The CCM-300 Chlorophyll Content Meter is a modulated fluorometer that uses the emission ratio of red chlorophyll fluorescence at 700nm to the far red emission fluorescence value at 735nm., utilising a fiber optic probe.

The source and detector wavelengths were selected from the science developed by Gitelson A. A., Buschmann C., Lichtenthaler H. K. (1999) “The Chlorophyll Fluorescence Ratio F735/F700 as an Accurate Measure of Chlorophyll Content in Plants” Remote Sens. Enviro. 69:296-302 (1999).

It is a handheld, battery powered device with almost unlimited built in data storage.

Difficult measuring applications include:
• Conifer Needles
• Immature Wheat
• Immature Rice
• Rice
• Turf Grass
• Arabidopsis
• Small Leaf Grains

Based on Gittleson’s 1999 ratio fluorescence research, the CCM-300 allows measurement of samples that can not be measured by absorbance technology, is not dependent on sample size, offers twice the rage of absorbance technology and provides direct readout of chlorophyll content.

The instrument is powered by 2 AA batteries. NiMH or alkaline types may be used. Two sets of NiMH batteries and a NiMH charger are included with the unit. The unit will typically run for 8-10 hrs on a freshly charged set of NiMH batteries. Ambient temperature and battery charge will affect run time.

The unit has a 320 x 480 pixel display with touch sensitive screen. While finger touch may be used successfully for most functions, a stylus is provided for easier use of some of the input and control buttons, such as entering file names.

High degree of correlation with chemical tests, even at high chlorophyll content levels.

CAM plants such as Indian Fig Cactus, Agave, & Pineapple
• Fruit
• Moss
• Lichens
• Algae on rocks
• Stems and Petioles
• Seeds
The system also works for the more standard applications such as Corn and Wheat.

This technology shows a strong linear correlation to chemical chlorophyll content tests between 41 mg m-2 and 675 mg m-2. It is ideal for precise measurements of chlorophyll content in this range. Direct read out of Chlorophyll content in mg m-2 is possible using the Gitelson equation included on the instrument or the fluorescence ratio F735/F700 can be used .

Today, chlorophyll content is usually measured by destructive chemical methods or estimated by nondestructive absorption techniques. While time and time again absorption instruments have been proven to work well as a non-destructive test on many types of samples, they do have some limitations.

Ordering Information:
CCM300: Chlorophyll Content Fluorescent Meter
It includes: The instrument, a leaf clip, a carrying & storage case, 4 AA rechargeable batteries, battery charger, USB port, USB cable, calibration slide, and digital owners manual.



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