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ACM-200 plus Anthcyanin Content Meter

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The ACM-200 plus Anthcyanin Content Meter provides a fast estimate of anthocyanin content on the intact leaves of plants and flowers. Reduce grinding or destructive assays! The measurement is rapid, nondestructive and simple to obtain, allowing researchers to gather reliable data that has been shown to correlate to chemical testing.

The ACM-200 plus provides fast, reliable, nondestructive anthocyanin content measurement.

The ACM-200 plus is designed to be highly reliable and long lasting. It incorporates a large measuring area for signal averaging over a large sample area. This approach provides a reading that takes into account small structure variations that can affect repeatability and reliability when compared to a smaller sampling area. The ACM-200 plus is the successor to the CCM-200 anthocyanin meter.

Laboratory methods for determination of anthocyanin content are both time consuming and destructive to the sample. Typically, a sample must be detached, ground up in a solvent, then assayed in a spectrophotometer. With chemical testing, sample can be measured only once, precluding the cost effective monitoring of trends in anthocyanin content over the life cycle.

Research has shown that the anthocyanin meter can provide a reliable and fast estimate of anthocyanin. Studies have been done on Sugar maples, Clitoria ternatea, Desniodium adscendens, Corchorus olitorius, Catharanthus roseus, and Hibiscus sabdariffa. Other research is on going.

The ACM-200 plus has a large on-board memory, storing up to 160,000 measurements or up to 94,000 measurements with GPS Data internally. Users can record large amounts of measurements without concern as the data is stored in non-volatile flash memory. Downloading of data is quick and easy through its universal USB 1.1. port.

Measured Parameters: Optical absorbency in two different wave bands (530 nm and 931 nm). Designed to measure chlorophyll content and compensate for leaf thickness

Measurement Area: 3/8” diameter circle, (0.71cm2)
Resolution: +/- 0.1 ACI Unit
Repeatability: +/- 1%

Source: (1) LED (peak at 530nm)
(1) Infrared LED ( peak at 931 nm)

Detector: Silicon photodiode with integral amplifier for absorpance measurement and source power monitoring for temperature compensation

The ACM-200 plus does not require external data loggers, and it accounts for both anthocyanin transmittance and leaf thickness.

Ordering Information:
ACM-200 plus Anthocyanin Content Meter
Includes: On board averaging, GPS connectivity, 9 Volt Battery, USB cable, and Owners Manual.