HI 2222 Wine Analysis pH Benchtop Meter

HI 2222 Professional

In the process of wine making, most pH measurements are made in the must. A pH electrode gets dirty rapidly when measuring the pH of must because sediments deposit on the pH measuring bulb and on the pH electrode junction. This becomes a big problem during the actual pH measurement, and even afterwards if the electrode has not been properly cleaned, as a dirty pH electrode can give results up to 0.5 pH inaccurate — even after a pH calibration has just been performed.

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HI 2222 is the only pH meter on the market today that allows for automatic pH calibration at pH 3 and pH 7. With the dedicated 3.00 pH buffer for wine calibration in the wine pH range, any error due to calibration will be minimised. The HI 2222’s Calibration Check™ diagnostics along with the included HI 1048P clogging resistant pH electode further enhances measurement accuracy.

Conventional pH meters do not warn the user when the pH electrode is dirty, however HI 2222 uses HANNA ’s unique technology to detect when the electrode is dirty and gives a warning during calibration.

It is of the utmost importance to properly clean the pH electrode prior to use. The appropriate solution is necessary to remove the particular deposits that coat both the surface of the pH bulb and reference junction when exposed to a must solution. HI 70635 (wine deposit removal) and HI 70636 (wine stain removal) are tailor-made cleaning solutions for wine making.


Range pH: -2.00 to 16.00 pH
Range mV: ±699.9 mV; ±2000 mV
Range Temperature: -20.0 to 120.0°C
Resolution pH: 0.01 pH
Resolution mV: 0.1 (±699.9 mV); 1 (±2000 mV)
Resolution Temperature: 0.1°C
Accuracy pH: ±0.01 pH
Accuracy mV: ±0.2 (±699.9 mV); ±1 (±2000 mV)
Accuracy Temperature: ±0.5°C

pH Calibration: automatic, 1 or 2 point with 7 memorized buffer values (pH 1.68, 3.00, 6.86, 7.01, 9.18, 10.01, 12.45)
Temperature Compensation: manual or automatic, -20.0 to -120.0°C (-4 to 248°F)

pH Electrode: HI 1048P glass body, BNC + pin (included)
Temperature Probe: HI 7669/2W with 1 m (3.3′) cable (included)
PC Connection: RS232 opto-isolated serial port
Data Logging: 100 samples

Input Impedance: 1012 Ohm
Power Supply: 12 Vdc adapter (included)
Environment: 0 to 50°C; RH max 95%
Dimensions: 240 x 182 x 74 mm
Weight: 1.1 kg

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