Barley or Wheat Pearler

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The Seedburo Barley Pearler is used to de-hull barley for the determination of mellowness and heat-damaged kernels.

It uses a 30 grit carborundum stone and a No. 7 mesh screen. The wheat pearler determines the hardness in wheat and comes with a 24 grit stone and a No. 8 mesh screen. The hulled (pearled) grain is discharged through the spout, while the chaff and hulls are passed through the screen into the catch drawer.

Each unit is equipped with a ¼ HP motor and a 5 minute timing switch.
Net weight: 35 lbs.
Ship weight: 40 lbs.
Dimensions: 20″ L x 15″ W x 12″ H.

Lyttelton PO 1478203104
109B/B Barley Pearler, 110V, 60Hz
109B/C Barley Pearler, 220V, 50Hz
109B/E Barley Pearler, 220V, 60Hz
109W/B Wheat Pearler, 110V, 60Hz
109W/C Wheat Pearler, 220V, 50Hz
109W/E Wheat Pearler, 220V, 60Hz

Replacement Parts
109SB Replacement Screen for Barley Pearler, 7 mesh
109SW Replacement Screen for Wheat Pearler, 8 mesh
109BS Replacement Stone for Barley Pearler, 30 grit
109WS Replacement Stone for Wheat Pearler, 24 grit

Weight 18 kg
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