Scientific Advanced Multi Use Temperature Recorder

Accurate & Reliable – Proven Temprecord performance, when product integrity is critical!

Accuracy & Traceability – Calibrated to 0.2°C / 0.35°F Scientific data loggers go through a 3-Point calibration and
correction process during manufacturing. The corrections are then applied to each logger. Traceable Calibration Certificates are included with each logger from our ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory.

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Calibrated and corrected at 3-Points to ISO/IEC 17025
Calibration Laboratory Standards traceable Calibration Certificate included.

Temperature Units: °C or °F
Display Resolution: 0.01°C or 0.01°F

Our entire Temprecord recorder range has out of range indication. Set parameters, and a red or green LED flash, every 10 seconds will tell the user at a glance whether or not data recording has remained within the limits set.

With the stainless steel probes, select a low temperature thermistor sensor, which will allow temperature recording down to -80°C / -112°F.

The Scientific range of recorders have a Lithium Thionyl Chloride battery, which gives an estimated 5 year battery life and is rated to temperatures down to -40°C / -40°F.

32K memory allows 16 hours to 2 years of recording depending on sample rate.

TR W software:
• Hi-speed download
• Serial RS-232 or USB connectivity

Compliance made easy with automated PDF report generation. Use speed-buttons from TRW software to:
• save as *.TR and/or *.PDF files export to MS Excel – part or all samples
• email and print

Save time with Auto Mode (for batch programming):
• Start / Stop / Status display
• download/read recorded data
• save downloaded file as *.TR or *.PDF
• reuse logger

Fully welded food grade plastic case
• FDA approved
• recyclable

Case protection rating: waterproof to IP67 or NEMA 6

Ordering Information:
953101 SCIENTIFIC Multiuse Temperature Logger, 32k, Internal Sensor (203AT)
953107 SCIENTIFIC Bent S/S YSI Probe, 32k, 1m Cable
953108 SCIENTIFIC Straight S/S YSI Probe, 32k, 1m Cable
953111 SCIENTIFIC Bent S/S YSI Probe, 32k, 3m Cable
953127 SCIENTIFIC TEFLON YSI Probe, 32k, 1m Cable
953128 SCIENTIFIC Teflon Coated S/S Probe , Special
953206 SCIENTIFIC P/Handle YSI Probe, 32k, 1m Cable
953207 SCIENTIFIC P/Handle YSI Probe, 32k, 12 inch Cable
953208 SCIENTIFIC P/Handle YSI Probe, 32k, 3m Cable
953211 SCIENTIFIC High Temperature Probe with 1m Cable, 32k

Temprecord Downloader
952181 SR2 Reader Interface for PC (Serial RS-232 Connection)
953188 SR2 Reader Interface for PC (USB Port Connection)


Weight 2 kg
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