WatchDog A-Series Data Loggers

A-Series Loggers have a logger capacity up to 8,000 measurements

The WatchDog A-Series loggers are the most affordable way to track environmental conditions for analysis. Whether your needs are plant disease alerts or soil moisture monitoring, the A-Series Data Loggers will deliver the information you need for timely, accurate data that will result in increased profits. Removable soft caps keep ports clear of debris, and slide out hanger makes attachment simple. SpecWare 9 (Pro or Basic) and the A-Series PC Connection Cable are required. The Radiation Shield is also recommended.

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Built in data logger – A-Series Loggers have a logger capacity up to 8,000 measurements (4,000 per channel using both channels); Select measurement intervals from 1 to 120 minutes. A 30 minute interval will record for 111 days before the station’s memory is full. Data is stored in fail-safe, EEPROM memory.

Exclusive LCD display – An LCD display confirms logger operation and provides current sensor readings. View your weather data – without downloading to a PC.

Battery powered – State-of-the-art low power consumption electronics are supported by an 12-month battery power source (CR2 included). No solar panels to purchase and maintain.

Weather resistant – A150 and A110 loggers are in an IP65 enclosure, A125 and A130 loggers are in an IP54 enclosure.

Customise – Customisable with up to four unique external plug-in sensors. Change monitoring parameters from one season to the next, simply by connecting a different sensor – keeping investment costs down while making more profitable decisions. See our WatchDog Data Logger Sensors page.

Temperature range: -40 to 70ºC
Accuracy: ±0.6°C at -20 to 50°C, else ±1.2°C
RH range: 0 – 100%
Accuracy: ±3% at 25°C, 10 – 90%, else ±5%

Ordering Information:
Item 3612A – The WatchDog A-Series A150 Data Logger has built-in Temperature and RH sensors and supports (0) external sensors.

Item 3610A – The WatchDog A-Series A130 Data Logger has built-in Temperature sensor and includes (1) external leaf wetness sensor and (1) radiation shield.

Item 3617A – The WatchDog A-Series A125 Data Logger has built-in Temperature sensor and includes (1) external temperature sensor. The external sensor port is not water resistant. The 3663A Radiation Shield is necessary to protect from rain or water spray.

Item 3618A – The WatchDog A-Series A110 Data Logger has built-in Temperature sensor only, and does not support external sensors.

3661A WatchDog A-Series PC Connection Cable
3663A Radiation Shield


Weight 5 kg
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