WatchDog Model 2400 External Sensor Station

Model 2400 External Sensor Station shown with WatchDog soil moisture sensors

The WatchDog 2400 Station is ideal where multiple sensor measurements are required for temperature, soil moisture, crop canopy light or leaf wetness data. Customise the station to your application by choosing up to four plug-in external sensors

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Professional grade solutions for:

* Plant growth monitoring
* Early pest/disease forecasting
* Efficient irrigation management

This powerful new family of WatchDogs feature 12-Bit microprocessors for greater accuracy and increased resolution of measurement data. A robust NEMA-4 type IP 66 enclosure and weather-proof connectors provide greater reliability in harsh outdoor environments. The exclusive LCD display provides the user with real-time sensor values and severity indexes to selected disease models. Requires Spec 8 Pro software for operation.

Built-in data logger – Store your measurements in fail-safe, non-volatile memory until you transfer the data to your PC. Select measurement intervals of 1, 10, 15, 30, 60 or 120 minutes. A 30-minute interval will record for 180 days before the station’s memory is full.

LCD display – A WatchDog exclusive. Check current and daily high/low readings or confirm the station and sensors are performing — without connecting to a PC. Readings update every 20 seconds.

Battery powered – A 12-month battery power source (four “AA” alkaline batteries included) means no solar panels to purchase and maintain. WatchDog Mini Stations use state-of-the-art electronics with low power consumption.

Communication options – To suit your specific needs. Choose from direct connection, cellular or other data transfer options. The Mini Stations can be upgraded to wireless connectivity this season.

Requires SpecWare software

Ordering Information:
3685WD WatchDog 2400 External Sensor Station


Weight 5 kg
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