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SmartLite - Frost Detection System

Smartlite is a portable monitor that measures atmospheric temperature, sending out an easily visible light (beacon), the colour changing according to the surrounding temperature. It has been designed for use in all horticulture and viticulture field situations, and can be placed at ground level or in an elevated position. It can be seen in clear conditions up to a distance of 3 kilometres or more. SmartLite will aid the user in defining low temperature variance in any growing environment.

SmartLite - Frost Detection System Features

Display Colours:
3 to 1 degC. GREEN ......... ON
1 to 0 degC. WHITE ......... ON
0 to -1 degC. RED ........... ON
Less than -1 degC ........... RED SLOW Flash
Above 3 degC GREEN periodic short flash ......Unit is working correctly

- High output LED's means no lamps to replace.
- Low current consumption giving long battery life.
- 4 defined temperature ranges.
- Low battery alarm to alert user.
- Faulty Sensor/ cable alarm.
- Calibration error alarm.
- Good Health indicator to assure user that unit is functioning correctly.
- Auto Power Off above 3 degC allows user to leave unit out for the duration of the frost-fighting season.
- Periodic Flash when temperature is above 3 degC allows user to easily locate units at the end of the frost season.
- Can be hung from a cable, secured to an upright,or placed on ground.
- Handy Probe Clip supplied to allow placement of probe in required sensing area.
- Mounting stick supplied to easily secure SmartLite to a post.
- Tough Injection moulded case for the outdoors.
- Water-resistant. (Rain proof)
- Uses Low Cost Battery for economic operation.
- 12 month manufacturer's warranty.

Each unit is manufactured to ISO standards, made from the highest quality materials, and is individually calibrated. Microprocessor technology gives the user many features at an affordable price.