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TX100-200 Turbine Flow Sensors

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The TX100-200 Turbine Flow Sensors are highly reliable adjustable depth insertion turbine flow sensors. The sensors use ruby bearings and a non-drag pick off to achieve a wide flow range and a long life. A depth adjustment system allows two basic sizes to cover pipes from 3" to 48" in diameter.

Adjustable Depth Turbine Insertion Flow Sensors for Full Pipe Flows

As fluid moves the TX100-200 turbine, a sensor detects the passage of miniature magnets in the rotor blades (magnets are in 2 or 4 blades only.) The resulting square wave signal can be sent over unshielded cable for hundreds of feet without a transmitter. This signal can be sent directly to a PLC or other controller, or it can be converted using a blind 4-20mA output or a flow rate and totalizer display. The TX115- 215 Hot Tap meters incorporate an isolation valve and a longer tube, which allows these meters to be easily inserted into or removed from the pipe while it is under pressure

Versatile Output and Displays
Designed for modularity and versatility, the TX100-200 sensors have a current-sinking pulse output that you can integrate with an appropriate transmitter or indicator depending on your application. For a battery powered pulse output, select the FT415M meter display or FT415W wall display. For a scaled pulse and 4-20 mA output display, you can use the FT420M meter display or the FT420W wall display. For a 4-20 mA analog output only, you can mount the AO55 blind 4-20 mA converter directly onto the meter. If you are using a TX100-200 sensor with a programmable controller, you can feed the output signal directly with no other conditioning required.

Easy Installation
The installation fitting included with the TX100-200 sensor is standard 1½" male NPT, which can be directly threaded into ordinary saddles or threaded weld fittings.

Ordering Information:
Adjustable Depth Turbine Flow Sensors
TX101B Brass 3" to 10"
TX101S Stainless Steel 3" to 10"
TX201B Brass 10" to 48"
TX201S Stainless Steel 10" to 48"

Hot Tap Adjustable Depth Turbine Meters
TX115B Brass 3" to 10"
TX115S Stainless Steel 3" to 10"
TX215B Brass 10" to 48"
TX215S Stainless Steel 10" to 48"

FT415M Battery Powered Pulse Output and Meter-Mounted Display
FT415W Battery Powered Pulse Output and Wall-Mounted Display
FT420M Pulse to 4-20 mA Output and Meter-Mounted Display
FT420W Pulse to 4-20 mA Output and Wall-Mounted Display
AO55M Blind 4-20 mA Converter Meter-Mounted Display
AO55W Blind 4-20mA Converter Wall-Mounted Display