Irrigation Magmeter

With no moving parts, these meters provide unobstructed flow and are resistant to wear from debris found in ground or surface water.

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The AG2000 is a spool-type electromagnetic flowmeter for use in irrigation applications in 3” to 12” pipe. With no moving parts, these meters provide unobstructed flow and are resistant to wear from debris found in ground or surface water. Little maintenance is required because there are no bearings to wear out or propellers to stop turning. Minimal straight pipe requirements allow AG2000 meters to be used in piping configurations where there is little space between the meter and an elbow.
The standard AG2000 is battery powered. Where an external power source is available, the AG2000 can be optionally converted to 8-32 Vdc, with the batteries then serving as back-up to maintain continuous operation in case of power failure. This configuration will prolong battery life indefinitely.
An IP68 version (-168 option) is available for burial or applications where the meter may be under water up to a depth of 3 meters for prolonged periods of time.
The meter comes with built-in pulse output (requires optional cable) for data logging or telemetry. Several pulse rates are available. An internal data logger is also available for secure flow logging (-127 option). A Seametrics FT415W or FT420W display can be added if remote rate/total reading is desired, or an AO55W if a (4-20 mA) analog signal is required. (High-frequency pulse rate is required for use with most Seametrics controllers.)
The AG2000 is secured with a seal wire to protect against unauthorized access. The seal can be broken by an authorized agent, to change units of measure, replace the battery pack, or to field-install an optional power/output cable. The cable can be factory or field-installed where external power is available and/or pulse output is needed. An accessory weather guard is available for additional protection in outdoor applications.
For chemigation applications, the chemical injection point must be placed downstream of the meter OR far enough upstream for complete mixing to occur before the flow reaches the meter.



Pipe Sizes
3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”
ANSI 150 lb. drilling
150 psi (10.3 bar) working pressure
Temperature Operating
-12 ̊ to 54 ̊ C (10 ̊ to 130 ̊ F)
-40 ̊ to 70 ̊ C (-40 ̊ to 158 ̊ F)
+/- 1% of reading for flow between 10% to 100% of max flow
+/- 2% of reading for flow from cutoff to 10% of max flow
Body (3” Only)
Ductile cast iron, powder coated w/NSF61 listed epoxy powder
Body (4”-12”)
Welded steel, epoxy-coated
Liner (3” Only)
Liner (4”-12”)
Electronics Housing Diecast aluminum, powder-coated (non-IP68) Ductile Cast Iron (IP68)
316 stainless steel
O-ring (3” Only) EPDM
Display Rate Total
Digits 5 8
Gallon/Minute, Liter/Minute, Cubic Feet/Minute,Cubic Meter/Hour, Gallons/Sec, Liter/Second, Cubic Feet/ Sec, Miner’s Inch, Cubic Meter/Min,
Gallon, Gallon x 1000, Liter, Liter x 1000, Mega Liter, Cubic Meters, Cubic Meter x 1000, Acre Feet, Cubic Feet, Cubic Feet x 1000, Million Gallon, Miner’s Inch Day, Acre Inch
1 battery pack that contains 2 Lithium 3.6V “D” batteries, replaceable.
Standard battery life 2.5 years
5 years with extended battery life (EBL) option
With external power option (uses 8-32 Vdc, 30 mA),
Lithium batteries serve as backup in power failure (10 year life)
Pulse Output (with optional cable)
Signal Current sinking pulse, opto-isolated, 30 Vdc at 10 mA max
Pulse Rates High Frequency; 10 units/pulse; 100 units/pulse; 1000 units/pulse
High Frequency
3″ 4″ 6″ 8″ 10″ 12″
25.228 16.362
3.344 2.15 1.530
>20 microSiemens/cm
Empty Pipe Detection Hardware/software, conductivity-based
Environmental NEMA 4X Standard (IP68 Option)
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