Haglöf Steel Bits and Chuck for Electric Drills

Note: These are the only bits to be used with an electric drill.


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Use with standard Haglöf extractor and increment borer handle, or with chuck system (63180) and an electric drill. Available in chrome and Teflon® finishes, these bits feature a core diameter of .200″ (5.15 mm) and a 3-thread design for easy penetration. Constructed of quality Swedish steel.

Core into the side-wall of an individual board to desired depth, and back out the bit. Cores remain inside the bit until next core sampled pushes it out. Drill into the end grain of a board to remove the last core. The end grain core remains in place when the bit is reversed because of the wood’s horizontal grain. Use with a minimum drill size of 1/2″. Special increment borer bits (63012-63015 and 63018-19, sold separately) are the only bits to be used with an electric drill.

Ordering Information:

Borer Chuck
63180 Increment Borer Chuck for Electric Drills

Steel Bits
63012 4″ Teflon, 3-Thread Bit
63013 4″ Chrome, 3-Thread Bit
63014 Haglof Replacement Steel Bit, 6″ 3-Thread, .200″ (5.15mm)
63015 6″ Chrome, 3-Thread Bit
63018 8″ Teflon, 3-Thread Bit
63019 8″ Chrome, 3-Thread Bit
63306 Manual 4″ Extractor
63276 Manual 6″ Extractor
63277 Manual 8″ Extractor
63316 Manual Borer Handle, 4″ and 6″ Bits
63317 Manual Borer Handle, 8″ Bit

Weight 5 kg
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