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Haglöf Mantax Digitech Callipers

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Accurate and easy to use, this high performance computer calliper from Haglöf can store thousands of diameter measurements from several different species. The built-in IR and radio allow wireless communication between the Digitech and other handheld computers.

Diameter measurements can be stored in the calliper’s internal memory or transmitted online to your field computer using the built-in radio transmitter. In addition, tree heights can be sent to the Digitech from the Haglöf Vertex III (sold separately) and then forwarded via IR to your field computer for greater efficiency in the field. The calliper can even be used together with Haglöf T Cruise software (sold separately)! The convenient “double scale” feature allows measurements from trees with larger diameters than the physical scale length of the calliper.

Operating temperature: -20°C to 70°C
Power supply: One AA battery

Ordering Information:
34110 18" Haglöf Mantax Digitech Callipers
34111 24" Haglöf Mantax Digitech Callipers
34112 30" Haglöf Mantax Digitech Callipers