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Haglöf Digitech Professional Calliper

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This all-in-one, space-saving tool allows you to take a comprehensive, accurate inventory and quickly record species, diameter, and height information. The calliper comes complete with a Digitech Professional Computer with Bluetooth® capability for easy wireless communication with other compatible instruments including GPS receivers, bar code scanners, printers, and more.

Digitech Professional gives the professional forester all the tools necessary for a complete and accurate inventory

The Digitech Professional’s non-incremental, non-contact measuring system requires no calibration and provides accurate diameter readings time after time. In addition, the non-contact system results in no mechanical wear and low power consumption of the rechargeable battery. The calliper’s detachable scale allows for easy transport and storage. Replacement scales are available and can be interchanged with callipers of various sizes for added flexibility.

The Digitech Professional Computer can be used together with the calliper or alone as a handheld unit. You can also use the computer with Haglöf T Cruise software (sold separately).

Individual Digitech computers are also available, with and without Bluetooth capability.

Ordering Information:
59751 18" Digitech Professional Calliper
59752 24" Digitech Professional Calliper
59753 30" Digitech Professional Calliper
59755 Digitech Professional Computer Only
59756 Digitech Professional Computer with Bluetooth Capability