AMS Telescoping Augers

AMS Telescoping Augers are Compact Augering Systems sampling to depths of 8′

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Compact Augering Systems
The AMS telescoping auger comes complete with a cross handle and an extension and is used for sampling to depths of 8′. This auger uses snap-pins to lock the cross handle, two (2) concentric extension tubes and the bucket auger together. It is designed for transport and storage as a one-piece system, just 5′ 4″ long and weighing 5 to 8 lbs. Molybdenum type 4130 steel with comfortable gripped cross handle, auger with carbon steel bail, stainless steel cylinder and high carbon steel bits with tungsten carbide hard surfaced bits.

For enhanced performance, order the optional 18″ listed below.

Various auger heads may be ordered separately.

Includes: Cross handle, outer extension, internal extension, two (2) snap-pins, auger head (regular, mud, or sand).

Ordering Information:
Telescoping Kits
301.68 2 1/4″ Telescoping Regular Auger Kit
301.80 2 1/4″ Telescoping Mud Auger Kit
301.67 2 3/4″ Telescoping Regular Auger Kit
301.79 2 3/4″ Telescoping Mud Auger Kit
301.66 3 1/4″ Telescoping Regular Auger Kit
301.78 3 1/4″ Telescoping Mud Auger Kit
301.90 3 1/4″ Telescoping Sand Auger Kit
301.65 4″ Telescoping Regular Auger Kit

407.35 4’- 8’ Telescoping Extension
406.81 16″ Telescoping Cross Handle
12766 Snap Pin
406.84 18″ Telescoping Ratcheting Cross Handle

Weight 5 kg
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