AMS Soil Classification Kit

The signature series soil classification kit was assembled for in situ soil investigations to depths of 12 feet.

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This ergonomic, user friendly kit was built with operator comfort and efficiency in mind. The AMS signature series thread pattern allows for quick and easy connection and disconnection with only 2-1/2 turns. The kit includes a regular, mud, and open-face auger, along with an auger clean out tool, 10 lb. slide hammer, ratcheting cross handle, 2” x 6” split core sampler, and three 4′ extensions knurled in 1′ intervals. It also comes with the Munsell soil color binder with chart, and an extendible tile probe – which is crucial for locating underground obstructions such as storage tanks or electrical cables. All of this and more is all packaged in a poly-reinforced carrying case with convenient wheels and handles.

Ordering Information:
Signature Series Soil Classification Kit
424.38 Signature Series Soil Classification Kit

Sig. Series Soil Classification Kit Replacement Parts
350.07 2 3/4″ Sig. Regular Auger
350.19 2 3/4″ Sig. Mud Auger
400.57 2 1/2″ Sig. Open Faced Auger
351.03 4′ Sig. Extension
351.56 18″ Sig. Ratcheting Cross Handle
350.99 Sig. Regular Slide Hammer
355.32 2″ 6″ Split Soil Core Sampler w/ Core Tip
403.10 5/8″ 3′ 5/8″ Thread Extendible Tile Probe Complete w/ 5/8″ Cross Handle
404.21 2″ 6″ Plastic Liner
418.10 2″ Plastic End Cap
421.10 12″ Crescent Wrench
421.29 Universal Slip Wrench
430.17 2″ 12″ Brush SST
504.00 Munsell Soil Binder w/ Chart
55647 Idaho Spoon

Weight 35 kg
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