ENVCO handles ongoing maintenance for existing WTW instruments in New Zealand

Service and supply for WTW Online Instrumentation includes on-going maintenance of your existing WTW instruments such as membrane cap or electrode replacement and the supply and commissioning of new instrumentation systems.

* Producers of quality water testing instrumentation world-wide for more than 60 years
* World’s broadest and most highly accepted product lines for wastewater and industrial process water analysis

pH is one of the most important analysis parameters measured throughout the water, wastewater and many process industries. Precise and reliable systems for pH monitoring and control are also necessary in drinking water plants and in a variety of industrial process technologies.

Conductivity is a well-recognised, and sometimes indispensable, parameter of state-of-the-art water, wastewater and industrial process analysis.

Continuous measuring systems are employed to monitor the salt load at the influent of wastewater treatment plants – to control quality of drinking water and ultra-pure process water, or to determine non-specific contaminants in industrial processes.

Reliable and continuous measurements of dissolved oxygen have become of vital importance in many areas of the water/wastewater treatment processes.

“The availability of accurate and timely measured concentration values is an absolute necessity for process monitoring and dynamic process control to ensure an efficient plant operation.”

For service and support of your existing WTW instrumentation or enquiries into how ENVCO can assist in measurement of your process, please contact ENVCO to discuss your needs.

ENVCO Global is a supplier of environmental and industrial monitoring instrumentation with a mission to deliver unprecedented savings on quality branded equipment and innovative technology.

As a global environmental supply company, ENVCO also represents world-class brands such as: YSI; SonTek; AADI and; D-Opto. With more than 30-years experience in the environmental and industrial science and sales field, ENVCO Global offers unmatched customer service, technical expertise and scientific experience.

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