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SuperSleeve Collar

2-Piece PVC Collar for use with the SuperSleeves when you do not want to compress the sleeve into the bottom of the well.

Special 2-piece PVC Collar for use with the SuperSleeve when you do not need to use the Top Weight for compression into the bottom of the well. Similar to the SuperSleeve top weight, the SuperSleeves thread between the top portion and locking ring and are held in place by the threads.

Consists of a top threaded portion, and a threaded locking ring.  Spring Clip tether attachment included.

OD 1.9 inches; (fits in a 2-inch Sched 40 well)

Needs to be used in conjunction with bottom weight, we recommend the 8-ounce bottom weight. The sand weight will not work because of the lack of density in water.

Assembled length 3 inches.

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