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Hydrasleeve Surface Water Adapter

Threaded Surface Water Adapter for using 2-inch Super/SkinnySleeves in large diameter wells, tanks, or surface water applications

Wide Mouth Surface Water Adapter (SWA) 2-piece PVC adapter for use with the Super/SkinnySleeve when you want to use 2-inch HydraSleeves in 6-inch or larger diameter wells, tanks, or for surface water applications.   Similar to the PVC Collar, the Super/SkinnySleeves thread between the extra-large top portion and locking ring and are held in place by the threads.

Consists of a larger diameter cone attached to our 4"-2" adapter top threaded portion, and a threaded locking ring

Can be used with the 2-inch HDSS-1L; PFCHDSS-1L; HDSS-1.5L or HDSS-2L SuperSleeves.

OD 5 inches.

Needs to be used in conjunction with bottom weight, we recommend minimum 11-ounce bottom weight.

Assembled length ~7 inches.


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