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GeoControl Pro

The GeoControl Pro is the newest addition to Geotech's long tradition of exceptional quality controls and bladder pumps. The ultra reliable mini-compressor inside allows you to sample from depths to 200 feet! No more lugging heavy, dirty, and noisy compressors into the field or those dangerous nitrogen cylinders. The GeoControl Pro saves you time, saves your back and saves you money.

GeoControl Pro Portable Controller and Compressor

Compact and Portable - Can be shipped or back packed anywhere - Controller weighs less than 8 pounds!
Controls all portable bladder pumps, dedicated bladder pumps, and most air lift pumps on the market today

Easily adjustable fill rate valve, for true low flow sampling and more representative samples. Built in high performance air compressor - Allows sampling from depths of 200'Operates from 12VDC car battery -

Push/Pull tubing fitting for easy tubing changes.
Bonded tubing in Polyethylene and Teflon lined Polyethylene available by the foot or by the roll.

Ask about our complete line of low flow sampling kits - Including water quality meters and flow cells

Applications: Operates all bladder & air lift pumps
Power Requirements: 12 -14 Volts DC input @ 7.5 Amps&90 -105 Watts usage
Max. Pressure: 100 PSIMax.
Operating Depth: 200 feet (60.96m)
Discharge Timer: 1.8 sec. min. 60 sec. max
Fill Timer: 1.8 sec. min. 60 sec. maxAir/Out fitting: .25" OD push/pull fitting1/8" FPT allows for connection to any fitting option
Dimensions: 15.95cm D x 24.13cm L x 24.13cm W
Weight: 3.44 Kg total
Optional carrying case: 21" L x 8.25" W x 14" H

Carrying case, hard-sided with pre-cut foam and locking latches
Portable rechargeable 12VDC battery and charger
Professional Pack includes: Geocontrol Pro, DC power cord, battery&charger, pump, spare parts kit, and portable carrying case. Various hose whips for connecting to dedicated systems

Ordering Information:
This price includes pump, battery & cahrger no tubing
81150011 Geocontrol pro w/case 1.66BP
81150015 Geocontrol pro w/case .85BP
81150016 Geocontrol pro w/case .675BP

51150038 Assy, hose air supply in
51150039 Assy, hose air supply out
11150238 filter in-line man drain MTL BWL
17200315 Quick connect BRS 1/8"x 1/4 barb universal female
17200277 Quick connect BRS 1/4"x1/8" fpt
Adap Tubing adapter logic unit to .170x25" tubing
81400011 Reel std sanll BP 2000
81150006 Logic unit pneumatic bladder pump pneumatic only
17250001 Regulator pressure two stage 0-200PSI-out 0-400PSI-in
51400008 Freeze protection kit
21150020 Hanger BP SS6Gas detector