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M3150 Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer DISCONTINUED

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The InsiteIG Model 3150 portable suspended solids analyzer is a state of the art, easy to use meter that provides many benefits to the plant operations staff real-time TSS for better process control. eliminates the need for daily lab analysis data logging with direct downloading to your PC designed specifically for MLSS and RAS

Portable Suspended Solids Analyzer Model 3150

Superceded by Insite IPM 


The Model 3150 Suspended Solids Analyzer is a handheld analyzer designed for the measurement of suspended solids in aqueous solutions. The microprocessor-based electronics of the Model 3150 analyzer provide a high degree of flexibility and ease of use. The instrument is designed to operate in a variety of applications. The sensor operates on the principle of single gap light absorption as a means of detecting the presence of suspended solids.

The InsiteIG Model 3150 portable SS analyzer provides benefits to the water & wastewater operations staff.

• Real-time SS for better process control
• Eliminates the need for daily lab analysis
• Data logging with direct downloading to your PC
• Designed specifically for MLSS and RAS

This system is supplied with Model 35 standard range sensor as shown. There are two different sensors that cover a range of 0 to 30,000 mg/l.

Sensor Options
The Model 35 sensor has been designed for medium ranges (0 to 30,000 mg/l) as commonly found in aeration basins and activated sludge lines of wastewater treatment plants. The Model 35L sensor has been designed for low ranges (0 to 1500 mg/l) as commonly found in effluent streams. Both sensors utilize an infrared emitter to minimize color effects and compensates for emitter variations due to temperature by measuring source brightness.

Using a near-infrared wave length (880 nanometers) virtually eliminates shifts in calibration caused by color variations in the process being measured. As almost all processes will have slight changes in color, using near-infrared reduces calibration events and provides better accuracy

Rechargeable Batteries
The Model 3150 is powered by a three cell rechargeable NIMH battery pack. A battery charger is included with the Model 3150. The red LED on the charger’s connector indicates the batteries are in quick charge mode when illuminated or trickle charge when not illuminated. Fully discharged batteries will take about four hours to charge. The Model 3150 may be connected to the charger for extended periods of time without damage.

A fully charged battery can provide approximately 12 hours of continuous use. A low battery message appears on the display when recharge is necessary.

The Model 3150 has built-in data logging and auto-log. Up to 50 points may be logged with a time stamp. Each point may be labelled with a six character location description.

Ordering Information:
Suspended Solids – Portable systems includes analyser, 20ft (6m) cable, sensor, battery charger
Model 3150 Insite IG Model 3150 Portable Suspended Solids Meter
Model 3150DL Insite IG Model 3150 Portable Suspended Solids Meter with computer download kit
Extra Cable please specify