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LiquiSampler for liquids, according to DIN EN ISO 15528. Made of ultra-pure and chemically inert PTFE/FEP for contamination-free sampling.

Sampling from open and closed barrels, vats, tanks, silos, open waters (ponds, streams, lakes, rivers). Fits all commercially available vats and barrels with openings of at least 25 mm diameter.

Colour coded push-buttons in red, blue, green, yellow, white and black, prevents mix-ups.

Easy cleaning – all surfaces are free of pores and crevices, preventing accumulation of dirt. Only round screw threads proven in foodstuffs hygiene are used. Disassembly and cleaning is extremely simple.

• Easy-to-use one-hand push-button operation
• Transparent
• For point sampling, cross-sectional sampling and bottom sampling

Ordering Information:

LiquiSampler, PTFE/FEP
5330-2060 Total length 60 cm Contents 150 ml
5330-2100 Total length 100 cm Contents 250 ml
5330-2200 Total length 200 cm Contents 500 ml

LiquiSampler made of transparent PP
5330-1060 Total length 60 cm Contents 150 ml
5330-1100 Total length 100 cm Contents 250 ml
5330-1200 Total length 200 cm Contents 500 ml

5330-0149 Colour coded push-buttons, set of 5 push-buttons, yellow, green, blue, white and black (red=standard colour)
5304-0100 Tube cleaning brush, 25 mm dia., made of PVC/stainless steel, Length 100 cm
5618-0100 Safety stand