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Integrating Sediment Sampler

Depth Integrated Sediment Samplers Flowing water enters the sampler through an intake nozzle filling a 16 oz. plastic bottle.

Small, lightweight, cast aluminum sampler is designed to obtain sediment samples in shallow water with a wading rod. An exhaust tube is cast into the body of depth integrating-type sampler and allows air in one-pint sampler bottle to escape down stream as it is displaced by the accumulating sample.

Includes two 1/4" sampler nozzles, one 1' wading rod with handle, a case of 24 one-pint sample bottles with caps, and adhesive labels.

Item # Description
77950 DH-48 Sediment Sampler
77951 3' Extension Rod for DH-48
77952 Case of 24 Replacement 1-pint Bottles w/Caps and Labels