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Hydro Services D-49 Sediment Sampler

A sampler for suspension by gauging winch to take suspended sediment samplers in streams not greater than 7.4 m in depth. The instrument is mounted on a hanger bar and attached to the suspension cable on a gauging winch for lowering and raising.

Depth-Integrating Suspended-Sediment Sampler Model D-49

Model D-49
The head of the sampler is hinged to permit access to the sample container. Tail fins are provided to orient the instrument into the stream flow. The head of the sampler is drilled and tapped to receive the 6.3mm/4.8mm, or 3.2mm intake nozzle which projects into the current for collecting the sample. A port which points downstream is provided on the side of the sampler head from which air escapes as it is displaced by the sample being collected in the container

Suspension equipment and sample containers are optional extras.

Type: Suspension
Materials: Cast Bronze
Net Weight: 28kg (62lb)
Dimensions: 815 mm long
Max. Depth: 7.4 m
Packing Details: 37kg, 0.03m3