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Handheld Bedload Sampler

Hydrological Services Bedload Sampler Model BLSH is a handheld sampler for wading measurements in natural streams carrying coarse sediments. The unit is supplied with wading rods, for lowering sampler in the stream or river.

Hydrological Services Handheld Bedload Sampler

•Hand Held Sampler
• Easy to Use
• Used for Wading Measurements
• Field Sample Weighing System
• Cast Aluminium Construction

Orifice: 76mm x 76mm
Body: Epoxy coated cast aluminium
Wading Rods: (2 X 0.5 m ) Stainless Steel
Sections supplied as standard.
Additional 0.5 m sections are
available on request
Sample Bag: Polyester mono filament bag of 0.2mm mesh - will not absorb water.
Carry Bag: Canvas
Packed Weight : 4 kg
Packed Dimension: (700x300x300) mm