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Bedload Samplers

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Hydrological Services Bed Load Samplers are designed to sample sand, silt, gravel or rock debris carried by a stream on or immediately above its bed.

Hydrological Services Bed Load Samplers

•Winch Held Sampler
•For Use in Natural Streams Carrying Coarse Sediments
•Robust Stainless Construction
•Easy to Use
•Tail Assembly Stabiliser

The BLS 30 and BLS 48 pressure difference cable suspended Bed Load samplers are used in natural streams for carrying coarse sediments.

The Columbus pattern torpedo shape used in stream gauging weights has been adopted to reduce drag. The body is all welded stainless steel construction, complete, with a tail fin arrangement to provide flow direction orientation and a sliding collar to allow adjustment of balance point based on stream flow condition.

The sampler is attached to the winch cable C1 Connector by the adjustable collar.

The collar is set so that the sampler will touch the water tail first to aid with rapid orientation with the streamlines of flow. This type of suspension insures that the sampler orifice will lift up immediately when the unit is raised from the bed to eliminate the loss of sample.

Samples are collected in a polyester mono filament bag of 0.2 mesh to A.S.T.M. specifications for uniformity, resistance abrasion and wear - will not absorb water.

Model BLS 30 30 Kgs (65 lb)
Model BLS 48 48 Kgs (106 lb)
Orifice Size: 76mm x 76mm (3"x 3")

Bag: Polyester Monofilament
0.2 mm Mesh