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Bottom Sled with 1000 micron Net

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Wildco Bottom Sled/1000 micron Net - Complete unit, SS/Nitex

Two samplers in one: use with runners as a “skid mounted” bottom biological sampler or without runners for scraping bottom sediments.

Strength without weight is what differentiates this sampler and makes it popular for sampling from small boats. Versatile and inexpensive, it includes a 3-wire stainless steel bridle on front with a swivel snap for easy line attachment.

Frame and net hoop is of 304 stainless steel which mounts on two stainless steel runners, 17” long. 20”-long net’s inlet sampling area is 12” in diameter. The net rests on a separate nylon taffeta protective sheet to protect from snags.

Comes with runners, ready to use.

Made-to-Order nets in different mesh sizes available.

Ship wt: 10 lbs.

Use with runners to sample near bottom.
Use without runners to scrape sediments.

• Runner size: 425 mm
• Construction: Stainless steel
• Net size: 305 x 305 x 508 mm
• Net fabric: 1000 or 243 micron Nitex®
• Net bottom: Nylon taffeta
• Bag depth: 460 mm
• Overall size: 350 x 620 x 350 mm


Ordering Information:
171-D20 Bottom Sled/1000 μm net
171-D30 Bottom Sled/243 μm net
61-B14 1/8” Stainless Steel cable, 100’