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Biological Dredge with Net

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Leave no stone unturned with this heavy duty dredge that is ideal for qualitative (not quantitative) sampling of benthic organisms in deep water or just below the benthic surface. Due to its design and weighty steel construction, it is particularly good for collecting shellfish, weed growth, stones with algae, sponges etc. from streams, rivers, lakes and oceans. This device is a true bottom scraper: the frame scrapes the bottom sediments into the net while the sampler is being towed by a cable attached to its chain

The Wildco Biological Dredge with Net - Includes carry case, Zinc plated

The chain features a “weak link” at one tow bar end - in this case, a “weak link” is good. If the sampler snags on what it is scraping up, the weak link snaps and alerts you to stop. You can usually retrieve your undamaged dredge easily.

The nylon net has 1” mesh openings and features a separate, heavy-duty nylon taffeta shroud around it for protection against snags. Tow arms fold for storage. Towing bridle pivots easily when the dredge is pulled over rough areas.

Ship wt: 11 kg

For deep-water bottom scraping.
Shroud over net.

• Galvanised steel: frame, tow arms and chain
• Frame size: 460 x 75 mm x 255 mm
• Net size: 460 x 890 x 225 mm
• Net mesh size: 25 mm holes
• Includes: 910-G34 plastic carry case

Ordering Information:

175-D40 Biological Dredge with Case

Accessories and replacement parts:
175-D46 Replacement net and shroud,
175-D49 Replacement “weak links”, each
910-G34 Extra large plastic carry case
61-B14 Cable, stainless steel, 100’
66-C10 Winch
66-C52 Winch mount
188-E50 Wash frame