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Horizontal Van Dorn PVC Water Bottle with Case

Collect water samples at any depth without exposing them to light during retrieval. Horizontal bottles are specifically designed for thin-layer stratification and near bottom studies. Messenger-activated release mechanism closes a single sampler on the end of a line. Constructed from opaque (grey Schedule 80) PVC, polyethylene, and silicone, this bottle is intended for general physical, chemical, and biological water analysis (excluding trace metals and organics).

WaterMark Horizontal PVC Water Bottle with Case

Unit includes: 2.2 litre horizontal water bottle, 20m nylon cord, line reel, and 250g solid bronze messenger and plastic carrying case.

Ordering Information:
77903 2.2 litre Horizontal PVC Water Bottle
78902 5 litre Horizontal PVC Water Bottle (6" Dia.)
78903 Spare Parts for 2.2 litre Water Bottle
78905 Spare Parts for 5 litre Water Bottle