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Water Recycling System

The Clearmake Water Recycling System is designed to operate automatically via a Clearmake manufactured PLC driven control system and is usually delivered skid mounted with the treatment equipment mounted and commissioned to minimise specialised site work. It will recover the bulk of water used with some loss to evaporation and over-spray and small quantities of mains make-up water periodically introduced to refresh the system. The water has the oil removed, is filtered, dosed (if site conditions require) and returned to a storage tank for reuse. The only discharge to sewer is the backwash from the filters which is acceptable to Councils.

Water Recycling System WRS1500

Installations that have heavy water usage for wash down including car washes, marinas, golf clubs and commercial wash down facilities such as a motor vehicle dealer workshop are opting to treat and recycle their water to reduce operating costs and as a bonus promote a"green" image. Recycling of water is slated to become mandatory in the next few years.